Transitional Period

What a week! I guess you could say this is the week where all of my research and time behind the laptop is finally coming to life! After hours upon hours of research and navigating through various databases, I finally have the opportunity to unfold my creative side!…Which I don’t actually quite have…Bummer. Personally, I know I lack a creative outlook and have a stronger angle on logical thinking. So, this is where technology comes into play, and what better time to use this tool than now?!

Okay, I’ll admit, I have some stylistic preferences as far as my creativity goes, but my preference is to keep everything simple! Or more so – minimalistic. If you know me well, I tend to stick to shades such as black, white, and gray, and delve away from the bright, pop, primary colors. Though, considering the current aesthetic of the Ormoni System page on Instagram, I know I want to consider their current color scheme into my own work. With my meticulousness and almost extreme attentiveness to detail, I probably spent double the amount of time working on the interactive calendars than I anticipated, but my ultimate goal was to create these calendars to perfection! Through many rounds of trial and error and many rough drafts on Canva (which is a GREAT tool if you ever need to complete some type of creative assignment, poster, calendar, or flyer, by the way), I wanted to take a break and step away from my computer a bit to rest my eyes and finally get some physical activity in! Granted, this was the ultimate goal of my supervisors – to encourage more physical activity through this internship and essentially, get me MOVING!

My “set” for filming the menstrual phase.

For all those studying graphic design, videography, or anything related to media design, respectively – I applaud you immensely! There are so many elements to consider which I hadn’t even thought of before! Assuring that the lighting is just right, having a cleared, clean, and perfect background, minimal background noise, the camera quality, the list goes on and on, I’m sure, but as a novice videographer, these were all that I could think of LOL. Given my work ethic and how I approach assigned tasks, I organized the list of exercises to film for each phase of the menstrual cycle in a precise fashion, applied the content which I learned in my previous Human Health and Performance courses when organizing the exercises, and subsequently attempted to film myself performing some of the exercises! In consideration of the research which I discovered, I went through my crazy yet precise thought process and thought to myself, “Okay, well we are also currently in quarantine, so for the phases where women tend to feel more negative emotions, or may experience more exhaustion or fatigue, I can simply perform these at home and wouldn’t need to “’hype it up’” so much because I want the filming environment and aesthetic essentially, to match how a woman would feel during the menstrual and luteal phases. During the filming process and with a huge consideration that I’m not 100% comfortable in my own body yet and filming myself performing some rather strange movements, I re-recorded myself an abundant amount of times till I was finally satisfied with my appearance and the overall video itself. Also, being at home and having limited space made this part of the internship just a bit more challenging, but I’m always up for a challenge J!

My “set” for filming the luteal phase

Now onto the editing phase, at least for a few of these videos…Whew! This is where my real challenge comes. Because my supervisor gave me complete freedom for these workout videos, and I’m the type of person who prefers an outline or format of some sort, I wasn’t exactly sure how to design nor edit these. Though again, this is where the beauty of technology and social media comes to use! With a mix of my simplistic style and Instagram Fitness Influencers styles’, I combined some of their elements and personalized it to my own liking, and what I think would best suit the Ormoni System company. My ultimate goal was to make these videos “easy on the eyes”, so minimal and clean font styles, and for the text to match the rhythm of the music! Because, wouldn’t that be more aesthetically pleasing to our senses as a whole? Well, at least I would think so…Since I also wanted to keep with my own styles, I still kept the text black and white and hoped that Ormoni System’s clients would appreciate this choice too. At the end of the day, I am creating these videos for them! This is something I know which I always have to keep in mind – Yes, I can incorporate my own preferences of style, but at the end of the day, I am contributing to an actual, running company in Costa Rica and want to attract more clientele!

My daily view of a little greenery which adds a natural and calming ambiance to my workspace!

I’ve really only got a week left to film two other parts of the menstrual phase and edit these to perfection, so as someone who is quite limited on their creative ability, wish me luck please!

¡Pura vida!

Judy Ortega   

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