A Rewarding End

Hi everyone! So, weeks five and six have honestly been quite a ride! To see all of my research, time spent behind the laptop, and my filming and editing come to life, there’s just been a whole mix of emotions! Personally, it’s always a weird feeling to see a project come to an end, especially when it’s one that you’ve truly relished and learned from. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who feels this, but in the midst and peak of completing any project, you may experience some stress and hardship, but to actually complete the task and present your work is such a rewarding sensation. Similar to week four, I’ve been filming more workout videos for the different phases of the menstrual cycle, also editing and perfecting those, as well as making my final edits to the interactive calendars. Like I previously mentioned in my last blog, I am very precise in how I design my work, so truly, filming and editing have been quite time consuming, but it has been an overall enjoyable experience! I’m not going to lie, I do feel bad for making my parents my videographers (thank you mom and dad), because I wanted the videos to be as simplistic, concise, and perfect as possible, especially with the more intense workouts, so I definitely have to give them some credit for helping make my work come to life!

Glimpse of final product for follicular phase – part 1!

Truthfully, the most stressful moments during these past two weeks were actually reassuring that the exercises I chose were safe to execute, and making sure that every little aspect of the videos were just perfect! As I was beginning the video editing phase for this project, I searched through YouTube for the best video editing apps, but some were way too pricy and impractical, especially if I was only going to be editing videos for two weeks. Luckily, one Youtuber recommended “InShot” on the Apple Store, and this app has been tremendously helpful, especially for a novice individual just starting the video editing process. (For those looking to edit any type of video for free, go for “InShot”! If I can create and edit videos through this app, so can you!)

Glimpse of final product for follicular phase – part 2!

Before actually posting the content which I created during week six, I offered the idea of recording an introductory video to my supervisors. They were 100% on board! As I might’ve mentioned in a previous blog, I’ve been studying and practicing the Spanish language for about eight years, so I definitely wanted to record this video in Spanish! I know my Spanish is far from perfect, which is why it took me about two hours to record the final introductory video. I spoke about this with my supervisors, because I know exactly what I want to say in English, but for those who may not know, not everything can directly translate from Spanish to English and vice versa. Of course, with English as my native language, I only did the best that I could so that the Ormoni System clients could understand the main points of my message. After two hours of some frustrating recording, I finally chose a video which I know wasn’t perfect, but that I was content with! As soon as I received my supervisors’ approval, I instantly posted this video on their Instagram page. Now, you may or may not know this about me, but I am not a frequent poster on Instagram, or social media for that matter, so to share my six weeks of work on my personal Instagram account was a new, slightly exciting, slightly scary experience for me! I wasn’t quite sure how my followers would react! Of course, I wanted everyone to see the content which I created and spent weeks upon, but at the same time, I wasn’t going to enforce anyone to view it! I simply wanted to promote my content that I created, my research, and ultimately, Ormoni System.

Glimpse of final product for ovulatory phase – part 1!

Just a few minutes after sharing my introductory video on my personal Instagram story, I received such tremendous feedback and support from my friends! Some people visited Ormoni System’s Instagram page, liked the video, commented on the video, and even went so far as to send me a DM with such supportive words! (Shout out to all those who did!!! Including the CGE for sharing my post!!!) Again, as someone who rarely posts on social media, it was such a heartwarming sensation for my friends and followers to show so much support! Plus, with the support of my supervisors and their excitement about my first post, I was just simply on cloud nine with all of the support I received! I emphasize this feeling because I felt some vulnerability with (1) posting a video recording of myself, (2) speaking at an intermediate level of Spanish to native Spanish speakers, and (3) just trying to ignore all of my blemishes and mistakes throughout the video. Despite these factors, these 60 seconds helped me step out of my comfort zone!

Glimpse of final product for ovulatory phase – part 2!

As the days passed through week six, I continued making finalizations to all of the content which I was going to post and continued sharing these on my personal Instagram account. Again, as I mentioned in a previous blog, as someone who is still not 100% comfortable in their own skin, there is some vulnerability and fear with posting videos which include my entire body and me performing some exercises and movements which people aren’t accustomed to seeing me do. Though, through this experience and putting myself in a vulnerable position, I definitely overcame this fear and started to learn how to embrace myself!

As we had our final Weekly Coaching Call and Bi-Weekly Cultural Discussion, it was at this point that I really realized that the program was coming to an end. All of us virtual intern students really pushed through such a new, raw, and challenging experience and I am proud of all of us! We all planned to intern in different countries around the globe, but we all adapted to this new format because of this global pandemic. I don’t intend to sound cocky now, but because we’ve come this far, this just shows how resilient and diligent we are! We were hit with such an unexpected circumstance, but we all made it to the end! I also want to share with you, how far one can go with determination and perseverance:

After our final Bi-Weekly Cultural Discussion, we had a final award ceremony which followed. CEA gave out 8 awards in total, and I was 1 of roughly 60 students to receive an award for this program! As soon as my name was announced for this award, I genuinely began to tear up! I could not explain how immensely proud I was of myself when I heard my name, but I am sharing this with you, to show you that hard work and dedication can pay off. Yes, I wanted to be in Costa Rica this summer and physically intern there, more than anything and more than I can ever explain through a blog, but with your own adaptation, commitment, devotion, and heart filled effort, YOU can make endless possibilities for yourself and create a new path for yourself. I cannot explain to you how heartbroken I was to discover that I wasn’t going to have the opportunity to travel this year, but I adapted to the situation, I gave my 110% in this program and project, and as a result, I received tremendous feedback from my supervisors, more opportunities for growth, even after the program ended, and this award from CEA! No, this process was not at all easy and not what I was hoping for, but once you commit and dedicate yourself to a program and to a project, I am telling you, tremendous outcomes can occur. If you’ve come this far and read my journey through these past six weeks, I thank you, and I hope that my advice can help you in the future! Muchisimas gracias, y pura vida!

Judy Ortega

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