The Unthinkable

Kia Ora! Welcome back to my blog! It has been one crazy week! This week I had the lovely ladies of JCL visit me! JCL (Junior Class Learning) is the program that we are here student teaching with. Mary and Judy (the ladies who run the program) came by to see me and to make sure that everything was running smoothly. Always love a visit from them!

Tutukaka, New Zealand

What a week! I had some really high points and some really low points. During the week, I did some takeover in the classroom. Planning lessons, doing assessments and figuring out where the student is and where they need to be according to the curriculum they have here in New Zealand. It went well. I also had my University Supervisor visit to watch me teach my own lesson, do activities and keep the students engaged. She watches the lesson, then gives feedback on what she saw, what she thinks I did a good job on, and then we discuss what I think I can work on. We love hearing all the stuff we do right or that went well, but I love hearing what I can work on next to make it an even better lesson. Overall the week of teaching went smoothly. On the other hand, the weekend, not so much. This weekend, our home-stay shared their beach house with us in northern New Zealand. It was incredible to have a relaxing weekend with the most incredibly beaches I have ever seen! Crystal clear and blue water, and sand that is so fine. Sophia and I had a great time just relaxing and enjoying yet another beautiful weekend in New Zealand. It’s incredible that our family was able to show us a place we probably would not have been able to see without them, so thank you! But there is always a little bad with all the good.

Incredible and sandy beaches

As you may be aware, the time difference is 18 hours ahead of Eastern Time. Which means when we get up, it’s usually 2pm on the US’s East coast. This past Saturday morning, Sophia and I woke up, checked social media and we were shocked about what we saw. Marymount canceled ALL Global Classroom Trips due to the corona virus. Our first thought was “Holy crap.” Second thought was “What happens to us, who have been and already abroad?” We were talking about having to change flights home, and dealing with the airports. Our anxiety was through the roof; we were so unaware of what to do. First thing was to call the Center for Global Education and to talk to one of the staff there. When we called, it was on an non-business hour, meaning that they were out of the office for the day. Next thought was to call a professor, Dr. Clara Hauth (who is an amazing professor) at Marymount. She immediately answered her phone and asked how we were. She filled us in on what was going on and that it was precautionary and to keep our community safe. Sophia and I then asked what we should do. Should we come home or finish our time out here in New Zealand? She assured us that we were okay; she continued to say that Center for Global Education knows we are here and if we were in immediate danger, they would have called us home. Being far away during a time like this can be extremely scary and unsettling. It’s always good to know that Marymount University has our backs and looks after our well-being.

Lookout by the beach

Life Lesson of the Week: It will pass

Many things cause stress and anxiety in our lives, but that pain is only temporary. In light of our obstacle, it will pass. We’ll make it home safely and share our experiences. Time heals, things change and it too shall pass!

Thank you again for reading my blog. I have a fun and exciting weekend planned, so I can’t wait to share where I jet to next!

Bye for now!

Keri Mignano

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