The Unexpected

Welcome back to my blog! It has been such an incredible journey here! I’m so grateful for this experience and the adventures I have been able to have!

This week, I really want to talk about unexpected challenges and successes. The education system here is different than the United States like I have mentioned before. I am learning a lot, so I’m excited to take back some of the things I learned. I am also very excited to be able to leave my mark here with some different activities I have been able to do with the kids.

Walk through the beautiful mountains.

This week was definitely a tough week. We are currently at the halfway mark of our time here in New Zealand. Starting to fully takeover as teachers in our classroom, still exploring, and making the most of our journey. This week I had 2 very unexpected challenges. The girls and I decided we wanted to go on a walk through Queenstown! It was beautiful we made it to the top and it was breathtaking! The pictures do not do these mountains justice at all.  While we were on the trip down from the top of the mountain, I miss stepped, causing me to roll my ankle and hit the ground hard. I scrapped up my knees, my hand and injured my ankle. I honestly just cried; I had no idea what to do. I sat there for a little while to see if I could put pressure on it. I was able to stand up eventually and walk to a safer area with open space. I sat down and the girls figured out what we should do. I ended up not being able to make it down the mountain, and had to call for help. A big neon yellow ambulance shows up, and I am so embarrassed. I felt so stupid for not looking where I was going, and then having to sit in an ambulance because I rolled my ankle. I was taken to the local hospital to get it all checked out, thank goodness it’s just a sprained ankle. But a challenge in all of this was being alone with no identification, no credit cards, no phone charger because my phone was at 1%. It was rough, scary and unexpected. Unfortunately, things like this happen, they alter plans, but you have to make the most of it.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Some unexpected successes I have had so far is definitely been the traveling I have been able to do. I was super excited to come over here, but I didn’t know what to expect. Every weekend so far we have had some activities planned for the weekends. I also have had huge successes in helping the students at school learn the alphabet and what sound the letters make. It’s made the bad all worth it. Another unexpected success is the improvement of independence I have seen in myself. I feel more confident teaching!

The Remarkables and Lake Wakatipu.

Life lesson of the week: Put the phone down

Like I mentioned before this weekend, the girls and I decided to fly down to Queenstown for a quick little getaway. It is stunning, the beautiful mountain ranges, and clear blue lake. So much of life now is being looked through the lens of a camera instead of our eyes. Put the phone down, enjoy the view, and never take it for granted! Once the girls and I got to the top of the mountain, we took a few photos, then just admired the view! It was incredible! You can see a few photos on this blog of how gorgeous the view actually is. I hate to say it, but the pictures do not it justice!

Just another girls trip!

As always, hope you have a good week, and see you next time.

Keri Mignano

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