A Typical Day

Kia Ora ngā mihi. Hello, greeting. Hope everyone had a great week and is having a great weekend. Week 2 here is complete and it has been nothing shy of amazing. I have been doing lots of hands on teaching and really being able to work with these kids one on one to see where they are academically, and see how to improve their understanding of the actual material.

Scenic boat ride to Waiheke

I know for many of you, you may not think I am actually working here from all my pictures and posts, but I get to school every morning around 7:30am. We are currently staying with a host family here in Auckland. They are the sweetest people I have ever met. They provide meals for us as well as anything else we might need. They have been so welcoming and open, it has been such a great experience so far. I am going to tell you about our typical week. Monday morning, I get up, get ready and head off to school. My host family drives us every morning and picks us up every afternoon. I usually get to school around 7:30, go inside and start setting up the classroom. Putting chairs where they belong, making sure the children’s work station is set up for them to do their morning work, and we have all the supplies needed for the day. My mentor teacher usually prints off copies of the lesson and goes over with me what we will be doing that day. She asks me to teach a certain lesson and I just go for it. The students arrive around 8:30. They have a routine they need to follow

  1. Always say good morning
  2. Hang up backpack
  3. Take off jumper (jacket)
  4. Place lunch in cubby
  5. Head to reward board to choose a reward
  6. Complete and finish morning work to get above prize.

Waiheke Island

Once morning work is complete the students asks to have their work checked and then they get to play with the prize. After we usually go to whole school fitness where a different teacher teaches the class about different activities. We have learned yoga, and dance, and we will see what this week brings. We head back to school to sing a beautiful song in Maori and then we get to the academics. Once that is over, the children sit down for morning tea. Strange concept for those not accustomed to that culture. It is like snack time for us in the United States, but it is about 20 minutes long and it is followed by playground time. The children come back in, we sing some more songs, do more academics and then it is lunch time. After lunch the students go out for playground again. They come in to relax their bodies, we sing a goodbye song and then the students leave.

The school day here is shorter than it is in the states for children because of how the school calendar works. They have 4 terms here and after teach term they get about 2 weeks off except for Christmas time when they get 6 weeks off. They go to school less time, and have more calendar days then the United States.

As always a life lesson.

Life Lesson of the Week: reapply sunblock often

Girls Trip to local vineyards

Sophia, Zeyna and I had a great weekend in Auckland. We meet up with a former Marymount University Grad student, Michaela and had a great night out on the town with her. She was able to show us all the cool spots and see the different nightlife they have here in Auckland. Sunday, the girls and I woke up early and hopped on the ferry over to Waiheke Island. Fun Fact, New Zealand is made up of over 600 islands. Anyway, we took the ferry over to the island. This island is known for the wineries and beaches. We walked all over the island up and down hills, through wineries, down to the beach, back up to the village with tons of different restaurants and shops. Well as you can tell, lots of running around, walking and no time to stop. I forgot to reapply sunblock, and it was the worst mistake I ever made. I am super sunburnt and it is extremely painful. So life lesson of the week, reapply sunblock often and try to stay out of the sun when possible.

Walk through the mountains to many beautiful vineyards

Keri Mignano

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