The Beauty of Sunrise

Knowing that the sun rises every morning is something that I definitely have taken for granted. I realized that the sun rising is a start of something new. While it rises in the same place every morning, it represents something more than that. A new day is not like yesterday; whatever happened then is done and a whole new experience is about to begin.

Those are the kind of thoughts that ran through my brain as I watch the sunrise from the top of the highest point in Barcelona. This place, the Bunkers de Carmel, are the best place to watch the sunset and rise. This place gets extremely crowded at sunset; everyone brings their snacks and drinks to talk and visit as they watch the sunset over the city. My friends and I did that on Saturday and it was amazing to watch as the city was covered in pink, orange, and yellow hues. However, the true experience was watching the sun rise from that point in the morning.

My school organized an early morning hike to the bunkers for the sunrise. I made a self-commitment at the beginning of the semester that I would do every hike they schedule. So early morning, here I come! I woke up earlier than I had all semester and walked to the meeting point. Outside, there were only a handful of people, some walking their dogs and others on their way to early morning jobs. Once I got to meet up point, there were only a handful of students there. No one wanted to get up early. We then began our way to the top of the hill. As we made our way up a couple flights of stairs the sky began to change colors. One of my friends said, “Let’s hike faster so we can see the full sunrise.” Our small group of students made to the top in short time, enough to watch the sky go through colors and eventually the sunrise.

Out of breath and with the wind blowing, the point of view from the top was incredible. It was nothing like the Saturday before except for two other people our group were the only ones up there. Looking out over the city, we could see the grid that Barcelona is with all its streets heading towards the sea. And sea, whose reflection looked pink, yellow, and orange in the clouds.

About 5 minutes before the sun rose, I decided that I wanted to experience the moment without taking any pictures (I did cave and take a time lapse video but didn’t capture the whole thing). By doing that I was able to experience the dawn of a new day.

While the sunrise is an event that happens every day without fail; something about being in a different place and doing it out of routine made this one special. Not only did this experience turn into a memory I will not forget, but it also showed me that doing something different once in a while can change the way you view it. Will I get up every morning and hike to the top of a hill to watch the sunrise? No, but I will start to have a new appreciation for each day and the beauty that it begins with.

As the sun rose

Even if it as simple as getting up early one day, do something different or out of the ordinary for you. It may make you appreciate and see things a little differently. The beauty of a sunrise seems so much sweeter when you don’t watch it often or you’re in a different place than normal!

Noemi Cerritos Gatto

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