Spring Break

Dobery Den

So spring break just started and first stop on my mini-adventure is Bruxelles. You might wonder why a pick that location, it’s because I have family there. I haven’t see my family in years, and it would be disrespectful if I didn’t stop by and see them lol. Plus, is a good way to go explore Western-Europe and also get the opportunity to have free room and board.

So, on Wednesday night, I flew over to Charleroi and then took a bus to Brussels. I met up with my cousin, Amasou, at the station and one thing I noticed was a new baby bump. It’s so funny because I’m basically like a good luck charm or something. Last time I was in Europe, which was five years ago, my cousin had a baby bump then as well. I’m so excited because the baby arrives on the 9th of April. Sadly, that when I arrive back to Prague. However, I pray that the baby comes early so I can see him.

Hide and go Seek in Bruges

On the first night, I got to meet my nieces and aunt for the first time. It is so crazy because back when my mother was a teen in Africa, she used to live with my cousins and aunt. She would help my aunt around the house and help take care of my cousins too so, I’m really grateful to meet them and spend time with them again on behalf of my mom. I love them so much and they give me a little piece of home which makes this experience even better. The next day I went sightseeing in Brussels; there was so much to see and I honestly didn’t know where to start. I started the day by going to the places close to home, then made my way up closer to the tourist areas. I went to Le Botanique, the Grand Palace, Notre Dame Au Sablon, the Royal Palace, The Old English Building, and Manneken Pis. The funny thing about the Manneken Pis is it’s a statue/ fountain of a little boy peeing. It was really entertaining watching it, and that was the most crowded tourist place.

Skating with Cousin

I also went to other places too, but they were a struggle to find, like the Museum of Costume and Lace and The Belgian Comic Strip Centre. All I can say is that I’m glad I went explore by myself. I wasted a good five hours just roaming around looking at new things, and it was just a nice warm soothing day. I really needed that. Afterwards I came back home by that time I came back everyone was home from work or school. I got to meet more family and friends and also I got to meet my cousin’s baby, who is now almost five years old. Her name is Mariama Kasso, and she is named after my aunt. Afterwards, my cousin, who I also haven’t seen in over five years, came over to the house. We call him Papi and he’s the same age as me. It was awesome seeing him again. I remembered him that in my last stay in Europe, I had an awesome time and it was all because of him and his brothers. On Friday, Papi and I went to Bruges, which is also in Belgium. We took a day trip there. It was a good way to catch up and talk about ourselves. One thing I like about Belgium is that it is so close to many countries just like The Czech Republic, so it makes it easy to travel by train. We took a train to Bruges and we took a boat ride around the city. It was a nice way to look at all of the landmarks and historical sites. On Easter Day, Papi and I went to go see the Atomium as it was also on the list of things to do in Brussels. I absolutely loved it. I loved spending time with my cousin because I don’t know when we will see each other next. We laughed took pictures, made jokes, and walked all over the place. It was really one of my favorite days here.

Until next time,

Sanasa Cherif

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