Recovering from a Long Weekend

These past few weeks I have been non stop busy. I took my midterms last week and unfortunately caught strep throat. I was so scared at first because I knew something was wrong and it was not just a cold. The medical system here is much different than in the United States and I didn’t have my mom there to comfort me while being sick.

I ended up being able to find a doctor through the pharmacy close to my apartment and I was prescribed an antibiotic. Within 24 hours of being on the antibiotic I began to feel much better. This week was definitely a struggle to push through especially with having to study, complete projects and presentations, and take midterms. Thankfully I’m finished with my midterms now and I am feeling 100% better. The midterms I had to take here were much different and a bit more difficult than in the states, so that took a lot of adjusting and much more studying than I am used to. It was hard because I was so sick and had absolutely no energy to do school work, let alone presentations. I could not be happier to have this past week over with, back to being healthy, and able to do fun things.

Now I am on spring break. For the first part of spring break, my roommate Maggie’s family is visiting us here in Florence and we will be doing some tourist activities and day trips to some of the surrounding cities. It is so nice to see some familiar faces and be surrounded by family, even if it isn’t my family. I feel like the adopted Laughlin sister this week and we have been having such a great time.

An amazing Italian dinner with my favorite people

The first full day that Maggie’s family was here, we went on an amazing day trip to Tuscany. First, we had a detox spa day at a thermal spa called Antica Querciolaia. I have never been to a place like this before. It was a hot springs sulfur bath outdoors in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany. When getting out of the baths we all felt relaxed and rid of all toxins. After the baths, we were guided to an amazing wine tour in Chianti. We had a lovely night testing classic Chianti fine wines and some delicious Italian food. Being in Florence traveling through wineries brings me back to years ago traveling here with my family. So many memories came rushing through me as we walked through the basements of the winery where they showed us how the wine is made. I felt like I was reliving the trip I took with my Nonna and Poppop.

Enjoying my detox day at the spa

Today, we are making a trip to Pisa, to see the famous leaning tower. Pisa is also a place I have previously been to with my Nonna and poppop, so I am sure I will have some similar feelings to the ones I had at the winery. Being with Maggie’s family this past week has gotten me so excited to see my family when they visit. It has been hard not seeing my family for so long but I only have 3 more weeks until they are here! When they get here we will be doing some traveling around Italy which we are all looking forward to. Once our visitors head back home to Virginia, Maggie and I will be heading to the Corfu Island in Greece with some of our best friends that we have made here.  We will be staying at the famous pink palace and I could not be more excited. The week will be filled with hiking, atving, cliff diving, and toga parties!
I will be sure to take loads of photos and videos to include in my next blog post, and of course for the memories.

Ciao for now,


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