Exploring Barcelona

The past two weeks have been full of new sights and experiences. I am so pleased to be able to attend Lorenzo De’ Medici because my professors are all about experiencing things outside of the classroom. I do attend lectures, but they would rather students venture out into Florence to see the famous sights in person rather than on screen. It’s awesome to walk into the museums as well as see breathtaking views and architecture, but once you know what you are looking at everything turns into a different experience.

I can find myself growing and learning with each days challenges. I have met wonderful people and found myself accomplishing things that I never knew possible. The goal of my trip is not only to do well in school, but to see as many places in Europe as I possibly can. This past weekend Melissa and I were able to meet up in Barcelona with our friend and fellow global ambassador, Sebastian. I was absolutely mesmerized by this amazing city. Adventuring to Barcelona was so interesting for me because I was able to enjoy the differences between the impressions of Florence and the impressions of Barcelona.

Reflections in Sagrada Família

I tend to get initial feelings of places as soon as I arrive and begin to walk around. Barcelona seemed much more open than Florence. The streets of Florence are much more compact and Barcelona is very open. I can appreciate the beauty and differences of both places and all that they have to offer. I found that Barcelona had the best of both worlds. The beach was one of my favorite parts. Stepping on the beach and experiencing the happiness of everyone around me was the best feeling in the world. It is pure bliss being in a stunning place where everyone is simply enjoying life. Things like this help you to understand the true meaning and enjoyment of life. I felt as if everything was still. I wish that I could feel that same feeling over and over again.

Bliss on the Barcelona Beach

Traveling has taught me that the true joys of life come from nothing material. Joy comes from experiencing things and meeting people. Melissa and I were already best friends at Marymount, but the bond we have creating through traveling together is so amazing and I am beyond thankful for the relationship we share. We met wonderful people in Barcelona and were able to experience the beauty of Barcelona with them. When you meet people, you learn so much if you take the time to get to know them rather than just surface small talk. I met a student studying in Madrid who also ventured to Barcelona for the weekend. He has a strong passion for traveling and adventure. I learned so much from my new friend. I won’t go into great detail, but he definitely experienced many struggles throughout his travels, but every day we met up, he didn’t speak of them. He took them as lessons and he had a positive attitude. He didn’t feel bad for himself and he didn’t want anyone else to either. He mentioned something that will stick with me forever. He said things go wrong and sometimes don’t turn out the way we like, but that life is too short to dwell on the small things because there are so many amazing things to experience as well.

The words of my new friend came to help me the next morning when Melissa and I found ourselves darting through the airport as we were about to miss our flight. When we finally made it to our gate and onto the plane, I had never felt so relieved in my entire life. We will definitely take that as a learning experience and learn to plan earlier and smarter. In the end, our time in Barcelona was unforgettable.


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