The End of the Semester Slump

I have only a few weeks left in my time here abroad. I have done so much and seen so much, that I have honestly become burnt out. I am very, very tired if I am going to be honest. I have not only seen most of London, but many other cities as well. Including places like Brighton, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, and Bruges. All of these places were completely amazing, and truly opened my eyes to the world. But, they have all made me so tired, and ready to finally come home. Traveling and being around new things constantly, truly does make a person tired. It makes you feel completely overwhelmed, while also feeling completely grateful at the same time. You are drained, while also feeling the need to do so much in your valuable time.

Finals are coming up and with the mindset of being worn out, it has become a bit difficult to gain the motivation to want to do work. How can you want to do homework when you have such an amazing city around you? Especially when you only have so much time left in it. So, I have made a promise with myself. I am going to make the most of these next few weeks here. I want to do and see as much as I can with the last bit of my time. I am hoping to truly do the most with the little time I have. While, I have made an effort to see a lot so far, there is still so much left for me to see. I want to experience all of the holiday markets and festivals London has to offer.

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

While I will be focusing much more on school with finals around the corner, I have come to realize this city is just as important as my schooling. I believe it is truly important to immerse myself in as much of their culture here as I can before I return home. I believe that this city has so much to do and to be seen, that I have to make a vow to myself to embrace it, even though I have become so burnt out. While it is okay to have a lazy day every once and while, I believe it is still so important to make sure you do not waste a single bit of your time. Time is such a valuable thing in our lives, you truly never know if you will have the opportunity to make it back to all of these amazing places again. So, we have to be critical with our time. Being careful not to spend too much of it in bed, and being careful not to use so much of it that we cannot accomplish anything else. We have to find the perfect balance. I truly believe that having the perfect balance between relaxation and exploration is what will make this experience so memorable. It will feel like home in a sense. It will be the best of memories. While being able to experience so much, you need to always be aware of taking care of yourself. The balance of all of this is what truly cures this slump I and my friends have come to feel. So, that is exactly what I hope to do. I want to make these last few weeks here the best I can. Making the most of my time with my friends and this city.

Me and my friend Hadas at our winter ball

Sydney Helphenstine 

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