A Time to be Grateful

Hey everyone, long time no blog. Yes, I know it has been a few weeks since I last updated you all about my adventures across the ocean. It has been absolutely insane. Over these past few weeks I have gone to London to visit Sydney and Victoria. I have wrote a lot of papers and have been starting final projects. We celebrated Friendsgiving and my 21st birthday. All of this happening while I had an awful cold!

B-day breakfast is almost as good as cake

This week was a completely different Thanksgiving for me. I am normally used to waking up early, eating cinnamon rolls and waiting for the Macy’s parade to begin. Then gathering at my grandparents with my entire family and having a traditional Thanksgiving meal. I am not going to even sugar coat this, I was not necessarily looking forward to Thanksgiving abroad and I would be lying if I said there were no tears shed. Luckily for me my parents are just a phone call away. But all of us soon organized Friendsgiving, and it was the perfect substitute. We felt like actual adults because we managed to produce an entire Thanksgiving dinner in our small kitchen. We all sat around the table, and talked about how grateful we were for this experience and each other. We realized that in such a short amount of time we have managed to see a large part of the world. A world most of us never thought we would see or experience. We have experienced a vast amount of cultures and met so many people. We have learned to be grateful for the simple things in America such as free public bathrooms, baggers at the grocery store, and dryers. Those simple things that we have experienced have changed our perspective on life, and our future.

Pretty proud of ourselves and this meal

We have all realized that with just under 20 days left here that we have been given an opportunity of a lifetime. I have been given opportunities and experiences that I will forever be grateful for. These experiences have given me the opportunity to grow into a stronger, and better person. I have made friendships that will only grow stronger.

As you can see I have eaten my way around Europe

That brings me to another point we HAVE UNDER 20 DAYS LEFT IN FLORENCE, it is so bittersweet. Part of me never wants this experience to end and the other part of me cannot wait to be reunited with my family and friends across the ocean. In the next 20 days I have a lot going on, I have final projects and papers. Then actual final tests. I still have a few museums to go to, and a lot of coffee to drink and pizza to eat.

Still many more pretty pies to try

I have officially begun my list of things I need to do and more importantly eat before I leave. I have made it a personal promise of mine to make sure I get out every day and do something around Florence. Whether it is sit in a new cafe and work on a paper or walk down a street and window shop. There are also spots I need to go to at least once more before I depart.

Studying and coffee have become the routine these last few weeks

So in this time of Thanksgiving I will forever be grateful for this opportunity and my family, and Marymount has made possible for me. It is hard to imagine what my life would be like without with this experience.

Only a few days left of this gorgeous view

Olivia Pienta 

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