Making a New City Your Home

When I first chose to come abroad, I would have never expected to love a city so much. I was honestly terrified. Terrified of being dropped off in a city I knew nothing about and knew absolutely no one. But, little did I know that this place would turn into home sooner than expected.

 I have spent the past ten weeks here, in London. Every second of it has been nothing but a dream. From the friends I have made to all the amazing sights I have seen. It has been absolutely spectacular. While I was traveling to new cities and exploring new places, it occurred to me that I actually missed London. I missed the feeling of being home. I actually began to associate the feeling of home with this place. I miss coming back from class and relaxing in my bed. I missed being around all my friends and grabbing food with them everyday. And most of all, I missed this beautiful city. You see, when you come abroad, you just assume it will feel like you’re a guest in the city. Like it will just be a vacation for a few months and you will constantly be exploring. While I have been constantly exploring, it has still come to feel like home. I no longer feel as though I am a guest in this big city, but an actual citizen. You begin to learn your way around, and learn so much about your surroundings that it truly does begin to feel like home. 

Traveling to New Cities and Exploring New Places

I would have never expected to have felt this way. I never thought in a million years that I would be sitting in Paris and saying “Wow I miss London so much, I cannot wait to be back.” I always thought I would feel as though I am on a journey, not turning a new place into my home.
This week, my parents will be arriving here in London. Since this place has become so much like home, it won’t be very difficult to show them around. In fact, I can’t wait to show them every bit of this city and why I love it so much. I will get to finally share with them the little bubble I have been calling home for the past two and a half months. They will get to see my daily life, while also learning so much about how amazing London is. I haven’t been here too long, but I still can’t imagine having been anywhere else to study abroad.

Every Second Has Been Nothing But a Dream

In the end, so far, this has been the best experience of my life. I never would have thought that I would have been able to have the opportunity to be living in a huge city…in fact living in a huge city in the United Kingdom! It has been nothing but an amazing experience and I am so happy to have been able to make this place into my home. It will be something I cherish forever, and a place that will always feel a little bit like home to me. I will be able to come back here someday and look back on everything I have done and experienced. It will feel like I am back in a place I
used to call home. That is a dream that I could never in a million years have thought would come true. For that, I am forever grateful that I took the leap and decided to study abroad. I decided to face my fears of meeting new people and being dropped off in a new place. Making London my home is something I will never regret!
Sydney Helphenstine 

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