Fall Break or the Summer of Study Abroad

Since coming to London, I have made tons of friends with whom I spend all of my time. Whether it is going to dinner, going out for drinks, or just watching movies, we are all always spending time together. They have all become some of my best friends while I have been here. Soon, though, fall break will be starting. We will all be parting ways, and going on different journeys. When I thought about fall break before coming here, I couldn’t wait! I thought it was going to be the best thing to get away from school and experience something new. Which, don’t get me wrong, I am still extremely excited for. But, it is definitely going to be weird leaving my friends’ sides.

Some of us are headed to Germany, some of us are headed to Italy, some of us to Ireland, and many other places! We all are about to embark on our own little journeys, and it could not feel any weirder! You think that when you come abroad you will make friends, but you never assume or think about how close you will become to all of them. We have all been spending every minute and every meal together for the past eight weeks, and it couldn’t feel any weirder to leave them. In reality, it is like we have all become one big family while we have been here abroad. Being there for each other when we are homesick, or even just making each other laugh. Now the real struggle is going to start, leaving these people you have began to consider family for 11 days.

Out to a pub with friends

We all are about to embark on the most amazing travels of our lives. While it may suck not doing all of this together, it is still going to be a truly amazing experience. From seeing everyone’s pictures, to sharing our crazy stories when we return; this will definitely be a great trip for everyone. Personally, I cannot wait to set foot in some of the most historical cities in the world. From Berlin, to Amsterdam, to Bruges, to Paris, and ending with Barcelona. This will truly be something I will never forget. I cannot wait to see everyone’s pictures on Instagram, and everyone’s Snapchat stories, while also creating my own memories.

My best friend Victoria and I

So, yes, this is a big deal for us all! I mean, we haven’t been separated for more than a day from each other for the past eight weeks. But, now, after experiencing our own city, day in and day out, we will all have the chance to experience something new and see the world. This almost seems as though it is the “summer break” of our study abroad. It’s like saying goodbye to your friends, only to return with some of the best experiences of your lives. So, to everyone out there about to head on fall break, I hope you have an amazing experience. Meet new people, try new things, and get out of your comfort zone! This is what will make all of our journeys so much more worth it! Safe travels, and I cannot wait to share all of my experiences with you all!

Sydney Helphenstine

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