Sometimes You Just Need to Think

It is amazing that in just three weeks I have built for myself a completely different routine than back at Marymount. It is funny how even when I am a across the ocean I still find myself building a daily routine. At Marymount, I religiously studied at Starbucks, now I find myself studying in my new favorite cafe right outside the Duomo. As I write this intro, I am sitting here people watching the tourists walking by taking in the beauty of the Duomo.

Moments like these make me think deeply about how truly beautiful and wonderful this opportunity has been so far. I do not think I will ever be the same person. It is amazing to think that in just three weeks I have completely adjusted myself to life across the ocean. I find myself cherishing each and every day. Every walk to class I try and make special whether that is walking back a different way, window shopping the Gucci store or taking the time to look up and take in the beauty of the Duomo.

Um Pistachio cappuccinos at Don Nino have become my study must have

As some of you may know I major in Fashion Merchandising. I have spent the week taking in the history of fashion that is offered within Florence. Early on in the week I visited the Ferragamo museum on a field trip with LDM. This was one of the most interesting curated museum I have visited in quite some time. The museum is situated in the basement of one of the families properties. There were original shoes along with replicas. It is great to know that I am in a place that will not only strengthen my liberal arts courses but my fashion degree (what I am truly passionate about). My new favorite activity to do when I am not rushing around is go window shopping. As a fashion major I find it very important to stay up to date with visual trends, and new collections. Since we live in the heart of Florence shopping is pretty incredible. Within a blocks of our apartment is Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Miu Miu every designer you can possibly imagine. It is fun to go into the stores and admire the quality and beauty of the pieces and unfortunately not buying any.

As I sit here and reflect and ramble about my random week, I cannot help but to think about different things that have happened these past few weeks.  I think the biggest culture shock that I experienced so far is one I did not expect. It was attending a Catholic mass. Going to mass is something very comforting and nothing new to me. But for the first time I felt like there was something new and different. I realized I found myself paying even more attention to the mass and deeper in prayer, even though I could not understand it. Throughout the mass there was a mutual feeling between everyone there. No one spoke the same language but you could sense everyone was there for the same reason.

Sometimes it is the simple moments that make a huge difference

There is a correlation as to why everyone goes on this adventure whether as a student, or tourist. We as students are all so different, I mean look at my five roommates. We all said that we are all so different but this one common aspect of needing this adventure has brought us all together. Maybe these people were brought into our lives for a specific reason. All of us students right now whether in Italy or London or Thailand are all abroad for the same reason. We are looking for something deeper; a deeper meaning in our education, our religion, our lives both physically and mentally but to also spend this time making memories. Tourist travel for the same reason, to fulfill the human desire for adventure and meaning. It is amazing to see people from around the world come together in one place with the same desires. For me it was a beautiful moment to be at mass and experience the unity of everyone in the building regardless of language barriers.

What could be better than a waffle, nutella, and a banana?

This weekend was truly a weekend well needed. I finally feel well rested and ready to pick up and start exploring again next week. I know I discussed last week that we are finding every opportunity to go out and explore but I have also realized that it is okay to sit down and just breathe. When I feel like I need a break or need to relax I find myself beginning to write more and more. I never want to forget how I felt at a certain moment of time during this experience. I look at everyday as an opportunity to make a new memory.

Well guys that’s my little reflection for the week stay tuned for next week. I will let you in a little secret! I might be heading toward a particular fashion week (wink wink) sometime this week!

Olivia Pienta 

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