A Week of Firsts, Tears and Water

I am a huge believer in that everyone should once in awhile take a leap of faith and do something absolutely terrifying. This leap of faith for me was the decision to study abroad. I have never been out of the country let alone traveled alone, so here I was early last week flying across the ocean to the world of unknown by myself. I will never forget that feeling when I first landed in Rome and went well now there is no going back. But even though I was nervous and fearful I had never been so confident in my abilities before.

The tears of sadness and worry soon turned into tears of excitement and joy. Never will I ever experience the moments I have had this week again. My mouth dropped the moment I saw the Duomo, I had never felt so small next to something. The amount of time and work that was put into the beauty that is the Duomo is enough to legitimately leave you breathless. This was the first time I was all but brought to tears for the first time during this experience.

My mouth dropped when I first saw this the size is astounding.

Our apartment is located in central Florence we are about a two minute walk from all the major sights. Luckily for us we have the most aesthetically pleasing cafe below us which makes my Instagram very happy. The taste of my very first espresso sitting down outside our apartment was incredible. It was such a surreal feeling to sit down and realize that this is where we will be coming for the next four months because we are living here like actually living here.

The cafe below our apartment has become our spot already.

We took our first day trip this week to Cinque Terre. There are no words to describe this experience. As we were laying on the chairs we all looked at each other and went oh my God we are sitting on the coast of Italy right now. Do you ever just wish you could just bottle up a moment and be able to go back and experience whenever you wanted. Bottling up the people, the smells, the sights unfortunately cannot happen but luckily that’s what pictures are for!

If anyone is looking to study abroad in Italy we highly recommend traveling with  one of the student travel agencies. We could not wait to wander the towns and hit the beach if we had not taken advantage of it we do not think we could’ve figured out the train system etc. in our heads.

I do not think I have every seen something so blue.

Classes just began and as weird as it feels not walking around Marymount seeing all my friends it is also refreshing. I walk the streets as if I am an actual citizen dodging tourists and cameras. Sometimes I find myself already walking quickly along the streets because the city has already become normal. I was walking back from class and had nowhere to go for a few hours and still I found myself rushing back to the apartment. The moment I realized I was practically running past the Duomo i told myself yes this is normal but once this is gone I am going to miss those walks. So I am trying to keep my eyes wide open to see everything because I never know when I am going to miss something beautiful. So if I have one piece of advice for myself and my friends who are studying abroad this semester or even freshmen at Marymount try and soak in every moment and do not wish the time away, take in every moment!

Well guys this is it for this week I cannot wait to share the rest of my experiences with you every week to come!

Olivia Pienta

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