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For Anyone Wanting to Study Abroad

This week I decided to do something a little different for my blog post. I did not want to recap on things I did or places I went rather I wanted to focus on the beauty and opportunities that await you when studying abroad. Since being gone many people from home have discussed with me the idea of studying abroad. Here is a little open letter to everyone who is thinking, dreaming, and wanting to study abroad.

Dear Friend,

I know what you are thinking on the inside. Is this the right decision for me? What if I miss out on activities at school? What if I miss everyone at home? Continue reading

Being a Tourist in a City I Am Calling Home

Ever since I arrived in London, I have been so thrilled to find new places to go. I have been traveling to a few small cities outside London so far, while also exploring all of the wonderful places London has to offer. I have quickly come to notice, though, that true Londoners do not tend to love Americans. As they give us weird looks and consider us all tourists. Some people here are extremely friendly, while others just give you the eye while exploring. So, you may wonder how I am coping with this while I am trying to explore the city. Well my answer to that is easy, simply ignore them. Or at least I wish it was that easy. Continue reading

When Fashion Week Calls You, Go

Life is filled with once in a life opportunities. Everyday you make the choice to live everyday to its fullest or sit in bed and accomplish nothing. Opportunities come about in a variety of different ways whether for your education, career or just memories. So when I had the chance to go to Milan for Fashion Week I knew this was an opportunity of a lifetime I could not pass up. During the week, my friends and I decided to book a last minute day to trip to Milan. In our heads we were all like when are we ever going to have another chance to sight-see around Milan during Fashion Week the ultimate time to be in the city each year. One of the biggest benefits of studying abroad is both going on adventures and enhancing your education, so what could be more perfect than a fashion major going to Milan Fashion Week. Continue reading

The Soundtrack to My Life

Every day I walk to class with the biggest smile on my face. No matter how tired I am when I wake up, the moment I step out of the front door it all melts away. With the sun on my skin and fresh city air on my face my morning starts with a loud “Good Morning” from Rome. The city bustle isn’t at all like the noises form an American city. Yes, you have the beeping horns and screaming ambulances, but it is nothing like the buzz of New York City. In my opinion, its less like noise and more like a melody. A very cluttered tune that plays in my head every morning. It’s beautiful in its own noisy way. Continue reading

Living Out of a Suitcase as a Fashion Major

Before my journey overseas, I had slowly been gathering all the clothes I could find to bring with me. Being a fashion major, this was a bit tricky. Especially since I was unable to bring all of the pieces I wanted to. As I started to pack my 26” suitcases, which has to be under 50 pounds, I began to notice this was going to be a bit of a challenge. So, I made a list. Starting with all of my favorite staple pieces, to a few of my trendy favorites. After a few days I had packed both of my suitcases to the maximum weight requirement. I thought to myself well this is perfect! I have all of my staple pieces and few more, including all of my favorite shoes. I thought I had it all figured out; I was ready to start my stylish journey. Continue reading

Sometimes You Just Need to Think

It is amazing that in just three weeks I have built for myself a completely different routine than back at Marymount. It is funny how even when I am a across the ocean I still find myself building a daily routine. At Marymount, I religiously studied at Starbucks, now I find myself studying in my new favorite cafe right outside the Duomo. As I write this intro, I am sitting here people watching the tourists walking by taking in the beauty of the Duomo.

Moments like these make me think deeply about how truly beautiful and wonderful this opportunity has been so far. Continue reading

Life is about How You Handle Plan B

Coming from a family that does little to no planning for just about everything, this saying is something I am very familiar with. But last weekend, it really came into play. My roommates and I decided we were going to take a trip to Milan to see one of our favorite dj’s, Galantis. We sat down last Sunday and planned out the entire trip. From the hostels to the transportation, it was all booked. We were all so giddy and excited about our first trip out of Rome. We were set to head to Milan Thursday night after class.

Continue reading

When It Rains in Roma, It Pours

Well guys this week I am coming at ya live from a bus. I am on my way back from a place where that I never dreamed I would go, ROMA. I actually still cannot believe that I just said that. This trip has been a dream of mine since I was little. Yes, thank you Lizzie McGuire. It truly was what dreams are made of (come on I had to). Instead of writing this when I returned I could not help but to reflect on my week and weekend while we are stuck in traffic.

Classes are in full swing now; daily readings, and trying to slowly learn Italian. I have learned this week that it is about the little things that I need to cherish while abroad. Continue reading

The New Norm

Now that classes have started everything is starting to fall into place. The daily routine of going to class and doing homework has helped my roommates and I feel more at home.  We’ve all been adjusting to the big change in our own way. I personally think that the best way to adjust is by keeping busy. Between school, making new friends, and millions of places to explore, we’ll have plenty to keep us busy for the next 3 months.
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New City, New Experiences

In my first week here, in London, England, I have begun to fall in love with this amazing city. From the amazing views to all of the rich history, it is hard not to feel like you’re in a dream. I live in an area known as Kensington, which is a very exclusive area of London. Within walking distance, we are able to reach some of the most beautiful and historic places here in Europe: places like the Kensington Palace and Buckingham palace. We are also very close to the tube stations and a large shopping district. While exploring all of these wonderful areas of London, I have come to notice quite a few differences in the way they live. Whether it Is accommodations or just the way they speak, there are many small differences in culture.

Continue reading

A Week of Firsts, Tears and Water

I am a huge believer in that everyone should once in awhile take a leap of faith and do something absolutely terrifying. This leap of faith for me was the decision to study abroad. I have never been out of the country let alone traveled alone, so here I was early last week flying across the ocean to the world of unknown by myself. I will never forget that feeling when I first landed in Rome and went well now there is no going back. But even though I was nervous and fearful I had never been so confident in my abilities before. Continue reading