Chicken Soup for the Soul: Recovering Regrouping, and Reminiscing

These past few weeks seem to have gone by incredibly quickly. However, it is also difficult to believe I have been here for 4 months and my time here is almost over. Lately I got over a cold, watched more movies than I can count, spent hours on trams, and yet with each day I look at the sky and am still amazed that this place is real. Autumn is settling into the city and although most people do not think of cold weather in Australia, it does happen. This season always makes me reminisce about the past year however this year has been like no other. I feel like I could easily live here for another semester and many others share my feelings. Many of my international friends have also had amazing adventures traveling all around Australia with the short amount of time here.

I only hope my boyfriend, Pedro, has an equally amazing time here. Ten days seems incredibly short but we will make the most of each day. I am hoping each moment and each location and each person means as much to him as it does to me. This country and really made me realize how big the world really is. There are billions of people, thousands of cultures, hundreds of languages, and only one life time to experience what you can. I have met lots of remarkable people here and I intend to visit them in Germany, Prague, Italy, Mexico, and of course to visit Australia again in the future. I keep thinking about how little time I have left and it makes me reflect on my feelings from the beginning of the year. I remember worrying that a semester was too much time to spend abroad. I thought five months in a country half way across the world was a crazy idea. Yet now, so close to the end, all I am doing is conjuring up ways to spend more time here. It’s just crazy how your point of view makes a complete 180 degree change.

Road Trip through the Grampians

Hiking Along Mackenzie Falls

Close-Up Views of Mackenzie Falls

Grampians Day 2

Going abroad was a completely entirely spontaneous decision. Usually I have a plan for everything; every decision is made with logic and precision. Yet with this new perspective, my plan has changed completely. Before my vague plan consisted of graduate school in Virginia and looking for a job in DC however now I know there are so many more options. Now I want to take a few years after university to travel and maybe continue my studies in Melbourne. I don’t know if this plan is set in stone. Yet, I know now after realizing how big this world is, I wouldn’t want to do anything else but see as much as I can.

Mother’s Day Street Art on Hosier Lane

At first I was scared of going abroad and I did not know what to expect. However, you never know what is going to happen in the future. With any decision, there is a degree of uncertainty but, you must trust that it’s going to be worth it. This plan that I’ve thought up has completely changed and odds are it will change again. In spite of everything, it doesn’t matter; in the end I have had crazy adventures and met some incredible people that have shaped who I am. Going abroad is worth it. It is scary. It is a lot of change all at once. But it will also open your eyes to endless the possibilities out there and wonderful experiences that wait for you.

Katherine Sanchez 

Nerdy Harry Potter Gathering

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  1. Immanuel P.

    I really love the remarkable perspective you mention throughout your blog and reading every word of this makes me want to travel abroad too. This trip sounds like it was incredible and seeing that you had a good time, certainly makes me want to travel to world too. Thank you for writing this every step of the way is told so beautifully in your words.

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