My Last Month in Italy

33 days left in my time studying abroad in Florence, Italy! It was not until one of my roommates pointed this out this past weekend that our time abroad has been flying by! It is unbelievable how fast time goes when you’re having some fun. Studying abroad is intriguing, nerve-wrecking, exciting, and leaves you speechless, all at once. Although I am now biased towards studying in Florence, studying abroad anywhere will change your life and I highly suggest it!

In the next month that I am still here, my brother is coming to visit, I have multiple presentations and papers to submit, and I also have a few more places to travel to before I head home for the Summer! One of the positives about studying in Europe is that you have that ability to travel to neighboring countries and see different cultures and parts of the world! In-between the classroom responsibilities that I have to fulfill, I will be traveling to Munich to celebrate Springfest, visiting Switzerland, and even Ibiza before getting back into my American routine. Although I enjoy planning my own trips down to specific details, my upcoming trips will be with a student travel group (feel free to ask me about them)! I have been traveling with them most weekends while abroad. Luckily, there are about four different student travel groups within multiple European countries that you can travel with if you do not feel comfortable putting together your own travel plans! They are super helpful in putting together transportation plans, setting up dinners for the group, and leading tours throughout the city that you are visiting! I highly suggest taking a couple weekends to travel with a student travel group to meet other students and have your mini-holiday planned for you!

Me with 3 out of 5 of my roommates

Aside from the luxury of traveling before going home, I am entering an important time of the semester! Midterm week is typically the most important and difficult part of the semester, but the weeks before the completion of the term are crucial in attending all classes, taking as many notes as possible, and preparing yourself for presentations, papers that are due, and Final Exam week! These are the weeks that I am now a part of! As most students might agree, I’m ready to work hard to finish up my semester abroad strong and be happy with earning some credit towards my American degree, while living in the European country of Italy! Luckily, I have formed study groups and meetings with my professors to keep up to date with all the information and prepare for final exams! Finishing up the semester is difficult, but it’s nice to remember that I have Italian pizza and gelato to indulge in after a study session.

The famous Gusta Pizza

Before leaving the Italian city of Florence, I will definitely be indulging in its most popular cultural aspect: food. As in one of my earlier blog posts, I wrote about the different places that students at Lorenzo de Medici really enjoyed to eat at during the day! The most popular being Gusta Pizza, Mister Pizza, Panbriaco (sandwiches), and La Milkeria (gelato and crepes). I hope to be back to Florence one day, but I am not sure how soon that will be; so my roommates and I have decided to pick out our favorite places to eat at and choose one to go to each week that we have left here! The first will be Gusta Pizza, which is famous for its … you guessed it, pizza! We are excited but also sad that we will be leaving our Italian lifestyle for the states soon, but we are making the most of everything that is around us before doing so!

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