Traveling Alone: The Amalfi Coast

Have you ever traveled alone? If not, me neither until this past weekend! The amount of solo female travelers that I follow on Instagram, inspired me to try traveling on my own for once as well! I knew that if I wanted to keep traveling as much as I possibly can, my friends or family may not always be able to join me in my adventures, therefore; it was time to try a weekend of solo traveling! I decided that my first solo trip should be to somewhere that I can still have data and service on my cell phone, in order to make it a little bit easier on myself at first. Going to a new country and having limited data capabilities and trying to find destinations on your own is extremely difficult, so I chose an in-country destination. I decided to travel to the Amalfi Coast, in Southern Italy to explore this weekend!

I started the journey in the Amalfi Coast by taking a seven hour bus to Sorrento, where I stayed in a hostel for the weekend. I spent the first day in Positano, with its houses stacked up on the side of the mountain, and black sand beaches. I spent my day laying on the beach and walking through the small town of Positano. I started to realize that Positano is pretty well-known for their crochet pieces of clothing! Positano was absolutely gorgeous and a lot warmer than Florence during this time of year.

Positano and the black sand beaches

The next stop was to Capri, Capri Town, and Anacapri, an hour ferry ride from Sorrento! Capri is pretty similar to Positano in that it has different levels of houses and towns against the mountain side! The first level is Capri where the ferry docked and there are multiple shops and restaurants to stop by and see. The next level up is Capri Town in which is a fifteen minute direct walk up from the port! Luckily, after that tiring walk up to the town, you are greeted by a gorgeous view of the water and houses below, and also a Granita. I’m not sure how to explain what is in a Granita, but it is a typical Italian drink that you should definitely try! From here, I took the chairlift up to Anacapri, which is the highest point on the island with breathtaking views. The single chairlift up is the most relaxing moment you might ever have by yourself; taking in the views, enjoying your granita, and viewing people below you working on their farms or gardens. This was a moment that you will remember forever, for yourself. Of course, the views from the top of the island were gorgeous! Since I was solo traveling, I snapped some pictures from the top of Anacapri with my self-timer on my iPhone!

The tiny entrance we had to squeeze through to see the Blue Grotto

I could talk so much more about what I did and what I saw in Capri with its natural landscapes (such as the famous Blue Grotto), and Topless Taxi rides, but I also wanted to mention how I ended this trip with a one hour bus ride to Pompeii! Pompeii was absolutely unbelievable, my guide was a young guy that actually studied Pompeii and its history, and is from the town, so he knew a lot of information that he shared with the tour group! The most interesting thing I found out about Pompeii was that the famous Volcano, Mt. Vesuvius actually had a small eruption during the Second World War as well! I did not know that and it was very interesting to learn!

From the ruins of Pompeii

My weekend spent in Amalfi Coast was a lot of fun traveling to Positano, Capri Town, and also Pompeii. I relaxed on the black sand beaches, went to the very top of Capri to get some solo pictures with my self timer, visited one of Europe’s 7 Natural Wonders (the Blue Grotto), and indulged in some history in Pompeii! Traveling solo allows you to create your own time schedule and decide on what exactly it is that you want to see in your chosen destination! I am glad that I took this leap to visit Southern Italy and also gain an education at the same time!

Caitlin Pacilio 

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