Expanding Your Palate: Making Friends and Keeping in Touch With Them

I made a lot of memories and new friendships from the Sydney trip, although I never expected the trip to continue to affect me after I got back. There were many students from La Trobe University, an hour’s tram ride from the city, who went on the trip that I have become good friends. Even though we were only together for a couple of days, we have made plans to reunite. So far, we have gone to the Melbourne Zoo and multiple beach trips to St. Kilda. Along the way, we stumbled upon food truck festivals and small markets. We have watched movies and had late night street food. These original friendships have grown even farther and I now find myself in large webs of friends.It is nice to know that with millions of people in this country there also many students abroad who are going through the exact same situation. We are all here to discover the magnificent things Australia has to offer.

Shark Attack

Coincidentally I have found a few students who live close to me back in the United States, which mean my friendships could continue to grow after this semester is over. I hope I don’t lose touch with the amazing people I have met thus far on this trip. Although not only am I gaining new friendships I am also solidifying old ones. My cousin Ali and I have never been closer. We are inseparable and I would not want it any other way. We plan each trip together and we always work as a team when planning them. We have shared countless memories in this past month and I am positive there will be many more to come.

Creating Shark Attack

This whole semester has forced me to experience all sorts of things that I would not have experienced back home. I feel I am better at communicating with people from different countries. I find it very fascinating seeing the differences between our cultures and not just with citizens from Australia. I have met people from Germany, Spain, Argentina, Thailand, and many others. With each day that passes, I know I am going to learn something knew about a different culture, whether it’s from a lecture or from firsthand experience with a native.

Koala enclosure at the Melbourne Zoo

I still have many events coming up including but not limited to the Great Ocean Road, Melbourne Comedy Festival, Australian football game(s), and even a possible trip to Thailand for spring break and New Zealand at the end of the semester. I need to remember to appreciate every moment here in Australia. I was told in the beginning that 100% of students say the time went too quickly by the end of the trip and I am sure I will think the same. I already cannot believe I have been living here for a month. This thought has been so clear in my brain that I am already planning my trip back to Melbourne. I was thinking something like a 3-4 year master’s degree in biotechnology or engineering Although I am looking very far ahead, but only because I do not want my time here in Australia to end.

Riding an elephant with The One and Only.

Katherine Sanchez 

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