Craving Adventure

Home is wherever you make it. I had this realization about home when coming back from a weekend trip to Sydney in celebration of the Mardi Gras parade. This trip was again fun and filled with great memories. Upon arrival, we explored the city and had lunch outside of the Sydney Opera house. Close by, we made our way to the top of the Sydney Opera House bridge to see a beautiful view of the city. The following day we went hiking along the blue mountains into a cave and took pictures underneath a waterfall. Although the trip was not perfect considering the bus got a flat tire, the fog was thick enough you could slice it with a knife, and it was a cloudy/rainy day, those things did not stop us from seeing as much as we could. The parade was packed on Saturday night and had many unique floats that lined the streets of Sydney. On our last day, we went to Bondi beach and spent hours in the warm water and observing a famous surf competition.  Exhausted from the 4-day trip; we took the overnight bus home and by 7 am Monday morning, I was home and getting ready for my 8 am lecture.

Surf competition at Bondi Beach

When getting off the bus and beginning the walk back to my apartment I had this familiar feeling that one gets after returning home from a trip. It was then that I realized something I have had never thought about until that moment. All I have done since arriving in Australia is look for adventure through random trips to different parts of the country like Cairns, Tasmania, and now Sydney. When I first got here to Australia almost a month ago, I had the thought, “I want to live here.” However, it is hard to say that when I have barely seen very much of the US. I am familiar with New York and Florida, however I never really made a conscious effort to go anywhere else. There are so many states I have not been to and so many things I have not seen. I have spoken with others on this trip and all of us come from very different backgrounds yet we all have that craving for adventure. We all have that similar “why not?” attitude.

Rock climbing in the Blue Mountains

Often, I speak with locals from the area, like in Sydney or Melbourne and I tell them the different parts of the country I have visited. Unfortunately, often they say they have never been to those locations. Many had never hiked through Tasmania or swam in the Great Barrier Reef. Each person made me reflect on myself and the things I have yet to do in the US. People create this bubble filled with a familiar routine, where they go to work and go home and have their usual restaurant down the street. Although you never imagine what lies outside of that bubble until you get that first taste. When I think about weekend plans I take everything into consideration. A few hours in the tram to get to a famous beach; a flight under 100$ to see Tasmania or Sydney, neither sound like crazy ideas. Although I know before I would think it’s crazy to take a flight to California or Colorado for the weekend. Having a limited amount of time here has encouraged me to not waste a second of it. With the endless amount of time in the US, I stick to my bubble and when I get back I do plan to change that. I want to visit the Grand Canyon and hike through Yellowstone National Park because really there should not be a second wasted.

Cave in the Blue Mountains

~Katherine Sanchez

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