Black History Month and Study Abroad

Black History Month & Studying Abroad 

In celebration of Black History Month, learn about some inspirational individuals who have also studied abroad! This wide array of individuals who have studied abroad and made history goes to show that you too can expand your global perspective and study abroad regardless of your area of study. Learn more below:

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International Education Week 2020: Creating a Sustainable, Global Future

International Education Week (IEW) is a special week sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education and State Department when schools and programs around the U.S. promote and celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange around the world. Marymount’s Center for Global Education and International Student Services team up with partners around campus to promote a global perspective and teach the community about the impact international exchange has. This year, we will be celebrating IEW early during November 9-13 with a preview week on Instagram from November 3-6th. 

The theme for IEW 2020 is Creating a Sustainable, Global Future. The week’s events will center around the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals adopted in 2015 which call to protect the planet, ensure peace and prosperity, and to end poverty. They are based on the belief that the outcome of one area affects the others and that growth and development in social, economic, and environmental sustainability is key to achieve a truly prosperous future. The goals are listed in the image below:

This page will be where all the Zoom links and videos of the events for this year’s IEW will be housed in one location. See the daily events below:

Monday November 9th:

11AM at the Garden of Hope: Volunteer in MU’s Garden of Hope

2PM on Instagram Live: Expanding Access to Education Abroad through Virtual Global Internship Opportunities
OPEN TO ALL on @Marymount_abroad on Instagram

7:30PM on Zoom: Real Talk, Real Change: Black and Brown Abroad with Dr. Devin Walker
Link to Dr. Devin Walker’s Zoom for All Participants:

Tuesday November 10th:

12PM on Zoom: Working with Students Abroad: An MU Alumna’s Perspective in Barcelona
Link for All Participants:

3PM on Zoom: Expanding Educational Access in Uganda with Dr. Elizabeth Langran and Ms. Mary Gibson
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Wednesday November 11th:

10AM on Instagram Video: Marymount Bogota Highlight
OPEN TO ALL on @Marymount_abroad on Instagram

12PM on Zoom: Internship/CPT for International Students

2PM on Zoom: Building the Just City: Sustainability, Inclusion and the Social Urbanism of Medellín, Colombia with Dr. Delario Lindsey
Link for External Participants:

5PM on Zoom: Kahoot with I-Club: Who Knows More About the World?


Thursday November 12th: 

11AM at the Garden of Hope: Volunteer in MU’s Garden of Hope

12:30PM on Zoom: Expanding Healthcare Access for All: The LatinX Patient and the Importance of Medical Spanish
Link for All Participants:

6PM on Zoom: Marymount in Nicaragua: Building Sustainable Community Partnerships to Promote Global Health
Link for All Participants:


Friday November 13th: 

2PM on Instagram Live: Why Does Sea Life Matter?: the Significance in Taking Care of Marine Biodiversity
OPEN TO ALL on @Marymount_abroad on Instagram

3:30PM on Zoom: Service and Sustainability with Food for Thought
Link for All Participants:

4:30PM on Ireton Lawn: International Thanksgiving

The Realities of Medellin

Ever since a young age, I knew I wanted to travel the world. Because of that, studying abroad had always been a dream of mine! Luckily, Marymount has a significant amount of countries one can visit to explore the world and develop cultural awareness which I took advantage of.

 Last semester, I traveled to Medellin, Colombia. When I arrived, it didn’t take too long for me to understand the fact that Colombians are sick of being associated with “Narcos” because Colombia has changed significantly since the Civil wars between Narcos, the government, and paramilitaries of the last few decades. Continue reading

A Different Kind of Study Abroad

Judy Ortega, Class of 2021, talks about her experience doing a virtual internship with a Costa Rican company over the summer in quarantine. To read more of her reflections, watch her vlog by clicking more.

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A Rewarding End

Hi everyone! So, weeks five and six have honestly been quite a ride! To see all of my research, time spent behind the laptop, and my filming and editing come to life, there’s just been a whole mix of emotions! Personally, it’s always a weird feeling to see a project come to an end, especially when it’s one that you’ve truly relished and learned from. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who feels this, but in the midst and peak of completing any project, you may experience some stress and hardship, but to actually complete the task and present your work is such a rewarding sensation. Continue reading

Transitional Period

What a week! I guess you could say this is the week where all of my research and time behind the laptop is finally coming to life! After hours upon hours of research and navigating through various databases, I finally have the opportunity to unfold my creative side!…Which I don’t actually quite have…Bummer. Personally, I know I lack a creative outlook and have a stronger angle on logical thinking. So, this is where technology comes into play, and what better time to use this tool than now?! Continue reading

Trust the Process

Hello! My name is Judy Ortega and for the past few weeks, I have been virtually interning for a company based in San José, Costa Rica. I did not intend for my summer to play out like this but I’m sure along with everyone else’s agreement, the COVID-19 pandemic has pretty much shattered all of our plans. Am I right?

So, from the beginning of the Fall 2019 semester, I have endlessly planned with Jennifer Crystle from the CGE, on this huge intern abroad opportunity. I’ll also add in that I am currently studying Health Sciences with a concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy as well as minoring in Spanish. Traditionally, any individual aspiring to work in the medical field would need some sort of hands-on experience prior to actually working in their career, but through perseverance and continuous communication with the superiors of my department, I was able to gain approval for this unique experience during this unprecedented time. Continue reading

What a Trip

Kia Ora!

I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and happy during these unprecedented times. Due to the pandemic, the girls and I returned to the States about a week early. It was a crazy adventure to say the least. Continue reading

Grieving the Loss of Study Abroad

My actual study abroad is over. When that really hit me, I went through a grieving process. The first couple of day after arriving home were like a blur. I was emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted from the stress of trying to get home. After sleeping well and eating a lot of good food, the reality of what happened hit me. I realized that I wouldn’t be studying abroad, my semester living abroad was over. Continue reading

Return Home

So the last week has been a whirlwind of craziness! I arrived back home to the USA on early Tuesday morning. I have been home for about four days practicing self-quarantine. While my study abroad experience in Spain has come to an end I am still lucky enough to be able to continue the courses I was taking online through my program.

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The Unthinkable

Kia Ora! Welcome back to my blog! It has been one crazy week! This week I had the lovely ladies of JCL visit me! JCL (Junior Class Learning) is the program that we are here student teaching with. Mary and Judy (the ladies who run the program) came by to see me and to make sure that everything was running smoothly. Always love a visit from them! Continue reading

Challenges While Abroad

Studying abroad has been one of the best opportunities that I have been able to experience in college! It was one of my goals for my college career. And I am grateful that Marymount has such an amazing study abroad office that helped me get here. Going to a new country to spend a semester learning is filled both opportunities and challenges. I get to learn about another place while fully immersed in the culture. I get an opportunity to further develop my understanding of a language. And I also get to meet new people and discover new adventures. However, studying abroad does not come without its own set of challenges. Continue reading