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Not surprisingly, one of theĀ Washington Post‘s top headlines today was that the Democratic party has taken control of both the Virginia House of Delegates and the Virginia State Senate, which, with Ralph Northam in the governor’s office, makes Virginia a firmly blue state. The article touched on several of the closer races throughout the state, and contained interviews from both Republican and Democratic voters. The authors did an admirable job of not weighting the article to one side or the other; the issues were covered in a strictly fact-based manner, and while the article contained plenty of opinions, all were firmly attributed to interviewees.

One phrase, near the beginning of the article, stood out to me in particular, in which the election was described as “an opening salvo in next year’s presidential showdown, a test of Democratic defiance and Republican resolve in the era of Trump.” It’s a fantastic line with some great imagery (not to mention the added alliterative appeal), but what I really admire is that it manages not to paint either party negatively; both “defiance” and “resolve” are words that have generally positive connotations in U.S. culture. I wrote a few weeks ago about an article that used some less-wisely-chosen words, and I appreciate the care with which this article was written.

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