Sample Annotated Source for Proposal

Novy, Marianne. Transforming Shakespeare: Contemporary Womens Re-Visions in Literature and Performance. Palgrave, 2000.

In this book Novy has put together the thoughts of women and what tactics he uses in his plays. A specific article that stands out to me is one about Cleopatra as a diva and African American women and Shakespearean tactics. It talks about the use of her being different because she was from Egypt. It talks about how he “is shown as an exploiter of the lack which causes desire” (pg 122).

McDonald, Russ. The Bedford Companion to Shakespeare: an Introduction with Documents. Palgrave, 2001.

Mcdonald¬†discusses the the historic period of Shakespeare’s life. It talks about the town and country of Shakespeare’s England. What the city and rural areas were like during the time period Shakespeare was writing. The most important part to me in this book is chapter 8 Men and Women: Gender, Family, Society because my project is focusing on the role of women during this time. It talks about how the role of a woman was to marry and have children and in some of Shakespeare’s this is the role women take and other times it is the opposite. With the help of this text I can see what was going on during the time he was writing certain pages and see if it correlates with what was going on during this time in his life.

3 thoughts on “Sample Annotated Source for Proposal”

  1. Giselle, what is your topic for your final project? I like the formatting on your Annotated Bibliography. You really explain your sources well enough in a brief summary. I would recommend that you could incorporate a journal article that is more recent in time or an adaptation film that is related to your topic.

  2. Hey, Giselle both of your sources seems really good. I really like your source that talks about African American women. That would be a really cool topic to talk about especially during Shakespeare era. I also liked you second source as well. You stated that the source discusses what it was like during Shakespeare’s time. With this source it would be good to incorporate how women were treated at this time and to compare it with some of the plays that we have read.

  3. Work on your MLA format for your sources. You did a good job at analysing the source, now relate it to your topic. Is your theme women of the period? If so you choose sources that display such ideas. If you had trouble finding sources, I suggest looking in feminist journals. perhaps you will find articles that can be linked back to the text

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