Return Reflection

The moment during my international travel and experiential learning resonates with me most is the lessons from the museums with Professor Kevin. I feel that out of all the tours we went on I learned the most with the Professor. All of the stories behind every art piece were so interesting. Especially the statues that had to do with Roman mythology. I did not know much about Roman mythology but I know it was very important in Roman culture. Specifically because I read Much Ado About Nothing as soon as I got home since it is my play I have to present about. I found it interesting because in Much Ado about nothing they talk about cupid when talking about benedicks love life. So I was able to make that connection because we learned about cupid during one of our museum trips. I really liked the story of Cupid the professor asked us to read it was very interesting and I had never heard of it before.

I felt that the biggest challenge was being in a new place and figuring out how to maneuver my way through this new environment. Being there wasn’t as challenging as I thought. I got use to everything pretty quickly the only thing I wish I had know bit more italian.

I think a scene I would do in Rome is Julius Caesar because it took place in Rome. It has the Roman Forum where Antony gave his speech and that is the scene I would do. It would be done in the same location at midday. We would make a model of where he stood and I don’t know who I would cast I don’t know may actors.

Overall Rome was a great experience and I hope I can go again someday.

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