During the Travel

During this trip it has brought more of a perspective of the locations in the plays. More for Julius Caesar than all the other plays because we visited the Roman Forum. It brought it more to perspective because we got to see where he was murdered and where Mark Antony give his speech. We also got to see where he lived which was an area that was not as rich as the other side. It seems like he was closer with people who were not very low class but lower than the people from the other side. What I found most interesting was how close everything was. In all of the plays they all move from one place to another so quickly. When you are actually in Rome everything is very close. For the most part going anywhere in Rome is very easy because you can walk to everything. For example I am going to go eat dinner tonight and the place is only a couple blocks away. It is nice having everything so close and taking the metro isn’t too hard. It seem like everything has always been close since seeing everything in the forum was very close.

So far the only challenge from this trip is that I get tired because we are doing so much walking and our days are always so busy. I am not complaining about that though because I am seeing so much and learning a lot. Besides that everything is going smoothly and I am really enjoying my time here.

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