Before Travel Post

One goal I have is to learn about the culture of Rome. I have never been to Rome and the culture must be very different from the U.S and Peru. I would love to learn their values and how they go through their daily life. I also want to learn about the historic landmarks in Rome. It has always been my dream to go to Rome to see the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican, and the Roman Forum. I hope to see as many of these ad hope to learn about them in depth. That it why when I learned about the Cripta Cappuccini I got excited. I have never heard about it and it has so much history.

For my speech I will be doing my speech somewhere beautiful like a park. I love going for walks in park since I always walk my dog. I would love to find a nice park where I can do my speech.  

Another goal I have for myself is to try to use the small amount of Italian that I have tried to learn. When the class started I download Duolingo and I used it as often as I could. I am gonna be a little embarrassed trying because I feel that I’ll say stuff wrong. Hopefully this trip will bring me out of my shell a little.

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