Reading Response #6

The speech I want to do is  Juliet’s speech in Romeo and Juliet. The specific part is Act 2, Scene 2, 33–49. The reason I like it is it sounds so beautiful and nice. I really like the speeches from Romeo and Juliet because they are romantic and interesting to read. Rome would be perfect to read because it is a beautiful city and many romantic places to read. A specific time I would would read it is in the evening like in the play they are in the evening when it is dark on a balcony. Anytime or anywhere in the evening when I’m out and it is quiet but still with some background noises from nature. Also any place for example a park with a romantic mood since Romeo and Juliet is about love and this specific part is very romantic.

The reason I chose the Cripta Cappuccini is because anything that is historical and odd really interest me. When I went to Peru to visit family in the summer I made sure I went to see the catacombs which also had a lot of bones. The Cripta is somewhat similar and I feel that I would enjoy it a lot. Historical sites are my favorite places to visit and I feel like I can come up with some good questions.

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