Reading Response #5

The death scenes of both protagonists don’t make it seem like a “middle-aged Romeo and Juliet?”. As the Professor said they both kill themselves over dishonor. Act 4 Scene 12 line 9- 17 he is speaking badly about Cleopatra and then all of sudden he gets news that she died and that kind of sends him to the edge. I feel that it for the most part of his death is motivated because he is shameful at what he has become. He use to be a strong general and he was so distracted by Cleopatra he neglected his obligations. Before Cleopatra kills herself in Act 5 Scene 2 Lines 214-221 she is saying that if she lives that Caesar is going to make a fool of her. She will be be used as an attraction. She doesn’t want to be shamed like that so she decides to die at her own hands honorably. The deaths of Romeo and Juliet’s deaths were only about their love while Antony & Cleopatra’s death was about so much more. In some ways it has similar parts from Romeo and Juliet like everyone is against their love. Overall Antony & Cleopatra’s story is more than just their love and that might very well be because they are adults but I feel that it just has a more complicated story.

The Professor speaks about how the deaths are more about shame which I agree because in a lot of Shakespeare’s plays specifically the tragedies have honorable deaths that is usually the hero. In the play I fell that it is Cleopatra tragedy because she fits all the Aristotle’s tragic hero the only thing is that she is a women.

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