Friday Reading Response #4

In Rome I am stuck between two speeches I would like to record in Rome. I wanted to do Mark Antony’s speech in Julius Caesar. That is Act 3, Scene 2, lines 70-108. Antony uses language and emotion to his advantage to get us on his side. The plebeians feel moved and convinced even thou Brutus had the plebeians on his side like five minutes ago. I think it is written so well and is such a powerful speech that would be read nicely in Rome.

The other speech is Juliet’s speech in Romeo and Juliet. I don’t know what speech exactly but most likely be Act 2, Scene 2, 33–49 I just feel that they sound so beautiful and nice. I really like the speeches from Romeo and Juliet because they are romantic and interesting to read. Rome would be perfect to read because it is a beautiful city and many nice places to read.

One thought on “Friday Reading Response #4”

  1. Both your reading response ideas sound very workable and like they might benefit from the atmosphere of Rome–now start thinking about what kind of setting you’d like to place your speech in, and which lines in particular you find most moving or evocative and why?

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