Reading Response 3

The scene I chose is Act 5, Scene 4 video. When you read the play you don’t get to see his emotions especially his sadness about his mother. Throughout the whole play he is always trying to please his mother and do everything she wants. In the video it really shows his pain and that his mom chose Rome over her own son.

This passage performed emphasize certain characteristics about Volumnia. Specifically her obsession with honor. At the beginning she says she rather her son die with honor than being dishonorable. She sticks with her beliefs at the end because she tells her son to spare Rome. Volumnia knows that by doing this she is sending her son to die. At the end she as seen as the hero which is what she wants honor and power.

This passage performed also emphasizes Coriolanus characteristics as someone who has a strong personality but also is kind off lost. The whole time he does everything for his mother. In the end he does what she wants and ends up dying. In the video it is more dramatic and it shows him kinda being betrayed. When reading you kind of don’t get that it seems like he is fine with it.

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  1. Nice job emphasizing the tone of betrayal that comes out when you see the scene acted. A couple of things that will help your posts support you when you study: cite specific lines that are key to your understanding. For example, when Volumnia says she prefers death to dishonor, what particularly strikes you in this moment? Does it connect to earlier moments in the play? Is her character consistent, or does she change? Using small quotes as ways to connect specific scenes can really help when you are studying for an exam or writing a paper.

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