Reading Response #2

At the end of the play we see major changes to four of the main characters Antony, Cassius, Brutus, and even Caesar. Most of the characters in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar start out with a different personality then what happens at the end.

Antony at the beginning seems to be a loyal and trustworthy person. He gives a speech that convinces everyone that the conspirators are bad for murdering his friend. At the end we see him change drastically. He doesn’t care and starts naming anyone to kill even his nephew. Also he tell the citizens about what Caesar left for them in his will but at the end he is trying to change it with Octavius. Also at the end he seems sketchy with the way he is trying to change the will. Antony also compares Lepidus to a horse and that you can get rid of him when he is no longer useful. By the end he is not likeable because of his actions.

Cassius is seen as a bad person at the beginning because he is the one who made the plan to kill Caesar. He always pressuring Brutus to be the leader in the conspiracy. At the end he is By the end he is more impulsive during the war. He has a misunderstanding and thinks they are being defeated. This leads him to killing himself because he doesn’t want to be captured.

Brutus is convinced to kill Caesar and in some ways he had a leadership role in the conspiracy. He then gave a speech about how he killed for Rome. Brutus at the beginning of the play is seen as a bad person for murdering his friend. I am not saying it was ok to murder your friend but he is the only one at the end who seems to feel guilty at the end. By the end his guilt makes him kill himself.

Caesar an ambitious person who had many chances to survive but he ends up murdered for not paying attentions to omens. Caesar is not in the end as much as the beginning. We only see him at the end as a ghost. I feel that the ghost of Caesar is more the guilt of Brutus than the actual Caesar.

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