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In Julius Caesar there is a big emphasis on friendship. The play is about him being murdered by people who are close to him. Even Brutus his closest friend betrayed him. He gets stabbed by a group of what Caesar believes are close friends. The play makes you not trust anyone. There is a lot of negative friendships except for the one with Mark Antony. Antony becomes a major character at the end with his speech. Antony gets everyone to be angry at the back stabbers without directly throwing blame at them.

What I noticed while reading Julius Caesar is it foreshadows the betrayal with omens. Omens are signs or warnings of something that will happen in the future. For example when the soothsayer who says “beware the ides of March (Shakespeare 1.1.21)” which ends up being the day he gets murdered. Also the extremely bad weather and animals acting crazy. Also the dreams that are like nightmares seems to show something bad will happen to Caesar. All these crazy occurrences are signals that something bad is going to happen.

10 lines that capture the mood is in Act 2 Scene 2 where Brutus comes to get Caesar to go to the Senate house. Calphurnia convinces Caesar to not go because she had nightmare. Brutus then convinces Caesar to come by making him seem foolish for believing  a dream. This section confirms that he is going to die but also gave you a little hope that he would listen to his wife. If only he would have listened it would have changed the story.


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