Sample Annotated Source for Proposal

Novy, Marianne. Transforming Shakespeare: Contemporary Womens Re-Visions in Literature and Performance. Palgrave, 2000.

In this book Novy has put together the thoughts of women and what tactics he uses in his plays. A specific article that stands out to me is one about Cleopatra as a diva and African American women and Shakespearean tactics. It talks about the use of her being different because she was from Egypt. It talks about how he “is shown as an exploiter of the lack which causes desire” (pg 122).

McDonald, Russ. The Bedford Companion to Shakespeare: an Introduction with Documents. Palgrave, 2001.

Mcdonald discusses the the historic period of Shakespeare’s life. It talks about the town and country of Shakespeare’s England. What the city and rural areas were like during the time period Shakespeare was writing. The most important part to me in this book is chapter 8 Men and Women: Gender, Family, Society because my project is focusing on the role of women during this time. It talks about how the role of a woman was to marry and have children and in some of Shakespeare’s this is the role women take and other times it is the opposite. With the help of this text I can see what was going on during the time he was writing certain pages and see if it correlates with what was going on during this time in his life.

Response 7


I don’t really know what I want to do for this project but I thought of 2 ideas that could work. During this class I found the roles of the women interesting. In a play like Julius Caesar they were made fun of and ignored. In Antony and Cleopatra we see a strong woman who is incharge of an empire. In Coriolanus we also see a strong women figure from Coriolanus’ mother. She stops him from destroying Rome. The in Romeo and Juliet we see a young girl who disobeyed what she is supposed to do and it comes out with a tragic end. Lastly Much Ado About Nothing we see a witty women like Beatrice which wouldn’t be allowed during that time. I think this would go perfect with the historical part because I could do research on what women were supposed to be like during shakespeare’s time and how this reflects in his plays. I could even talk about how he goes against some ideals because there are a couple strong important women in his plays. I would focus on 2 because doing all of them would be too much.

Another topic could be honor and how it is tackled in each play. All of the plays have themes about honor. And I could compare 2 plays and how they are similar and how they are different. From the historical perspective I can talk about why they would respond the way did did to being dishonorable. Many of the plays had people killing themselves because of dishonor and I could do some research of why they did that. I think for my presentation I will either do a oral presentation or narrated slideshow most likely the oral presentation.

Return Reflection

The moment during my international travel and experiential learning resonates with me most is the lessons from the museums with Professor Kevin. I feel that out of all the tours we went on I learned the most with the Professor. All of the stories behind every art piece were so interesting. Especially the statues that had to do with Roman mythology. I did not know much about Roman mythology but I know it was very important in Roman culture. Specifically because I read Much Ado About Nothing as soon as I got home since it is my play I have to present about. I found it interesting because in Much Ado about nothing they talk about cupid when talking about benedicks love life. So I was able to make that connection because we learned about cupid during one of our museum trips. I really liked the story of Cupid the professor asked us to read it was very interesting and I had never heard of it before.

I felt that the biggest challenge was being in a new place and figuring out how to maneuver my way through this new environment. Being there wasn’t as challenging as I thought. I got use to everything pretty quickly the only thing I wish I had know bit more italian.

I think a scene I would do in Rome is Julius Caesar because it took place in Rome. It has the Roman Forum where Antony gave his speech and that is the scene I would do. It would be done in the same location at midday. We would make a model of where he stood and I don’t know who I would cast I don’t know may actors.

Overall Rome was a great experience and I hope I can go again someday.

During the Travel

During this trip it has brought more of a perspective of the locations in the plays. More for Julius Caesar than all the other plays because we visited the Roman Forum. It brought it more to perspective because we got to see where he was murdered and where Mark Antony give his speech. We also got to see where he lived which was an area that was not as rich as the other side. It seems like he was closer with people who were not very low class but lower than the people from the other side. What I found most interesting was how close everything was. In all of the plays they all move from one place to another so quickly. When you are actually in Rome everything is very close. For the most part going anywhere in Rome is very easy because you can walk to everything. For example I am going to go eat dinner tonight and the place is only a couple blocks away. It is nice having everything so close and taking the metro isn’t too hard. It seem like everything has always been close since seeing everything in the forum was very close.

So far the only challenge from this trip is that I get tired because we are doing so much walking and our days are always so busy. I am not complaining about that though because I am seeing so much and learning a lot. Besides that everything is going smoothly and I am really enjoying my time here.

Before Travel Post

One goal I have is to learn about the culture of Rome. I have never been to Rome and the culture must be very different from the U.S and Peru. I would love to learn their values and how they go through their daily life. I also want to learn about the historic landmarks in Rome. It has always been my dream to go to Rome to see the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican, and the Roman Forum. I hope to see as many of these ad hope to learn about them in depth. That it why when I learned about the Cripta Cappuccini I got excited. I have never heard about it and it has so much history.

For my speech I will be doing my speech somewhere beautiful like a park. I love going for walks in park since I always walk my dog. I would love to find a nice park where I can do my speech.  

Another goal I have for myself is to try to use the small amount of Italian that I have tried to learn. When the class started I download Duolingo and I used it as often as I could. I am gonna be a little embarrassed trying because I feel that I’ll say stuff wrong. Hopefully this trip will bring me out of my shell a little.

Reading Response #6

The speech I want to do is  Juliet’s speech in Romeo and Juliet. The specific part is Act 2, Scene 2, 33–49. The reason I like it is it sounds so beautiful and nice. I really like the speeches from Romeo and Juliet because they are romantic and interesting to read. Rome would be perfect to read because it is a beautiful city and many romantic places to read. A specific time I would would read it is in the evening like in the play they are in the evening when it is dark on a balcony. Anytime or anywhere in the evening when I’m out and it is quiet but still with some background noises from nature. Also any place for example a park with a romantic mood since Romeo and Juliet is about love and this specific part is very romantic.

The reason I chose the Cripta Cappuccini is because anything that is historical and odd really interest me. When I went to Peru to visit family in the summer I made sure I went to see the catacombs which also had a lot of bones. The Cripta is somewhat similar and I feel that I would enjoy it a lot. Historical sites are my favorite places to visit and I feel like I can come up with some good questions.

Reading Response #5

The death scenes of both protagonists don’t make it seem like a “middle-aged Romeo and Juliet?”. As the Professor said they both kill themselves over dishonor. Act 4 Scene 12 line 9- 17 he is speaking badly about Cleopatra and then all of sudden he gets news that she died and that kind of sends him to the edge. I feel that it for the most part of his death is motivated because he is shameful at what he has become. He use to be a strong general and he was so distracted by Cleopatra he neglected his obligations. Before Cleopatra kills herself in Act 5 Scene 2 Lines 214-221 she is saying that if she lives that Caesar is going to make a fool of her. She will be be used as an attraction. She doesn’t want to be shamed like that so she decides to die at her own hands honorably. The deaths of Romeo and Juliet’s deaths were only about their love while Antony & Cleopatra’s death was about so much more. In some ways it has similar parts from Romeo and Juliet like everyone is against their love. Overall Antony & Cleopatra’s story is more than just their love and that might very well be because they are adults but I feel that it just has a more complicated story.

The Professor speaks about how the deaths are more about shame which I agree because in a lot of Shakespeare’s plays specifically the tragedies have honorable deaths that is usually the hero. In the play I fell that it is Cleopatra tragedy because she fits all the Aristotle’s tragic hero the only thing is that she is a women.