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ZOOM in Our hands 

ZOOM has skyrocketed ever since the pandemic has started. Many meetings are elaborated through zoom, therefore this tool is widely known among many internet users, organizations, and schools. For that reason, our organization has decided to stick to this program in order to accommodate sports watchers. Additionally, ZOOM is fairly easy to use, from smartphones, tablets, and cellphones. 

How It Works 

The plan for our ZOOM sports watch parties will begin with an email list, users will be able to enlist themselves via a text message, which will then be sent to one of our team members, who will be in charge of putting together members who are interested in watching a specific game. Thereafter, they will receive an email with the link to the ZOOM meeting and information about when will it take place. While the game is going on, the party server will be able to program the game as well as show statistics all in real-time. 

If there’s is more than one game, for example, NFL Sundays, that the users will like to watch, we can accommodate this service as well, the user will simply have to message what games would they like to view at once, and one of our team members will enlist that user with other with similar preferences. 

At the parties, sports aficionados will have 10 minutes before the game to present themselves and communicate with others if they would like to. There would also be small breaks when commercials occur and minigames that users will have access to. Additionally, for our 21+ users, there will be drink games, as well as weekly recommendations about the most popular snacks that can complement the entertainment of the party. 

A modern way to watch sports 

ZOOM sport’s watching parties is indeed the future, being able to socialize with people with similar interests, without having to move from the comfort of your house. Although being in bars and at the game itself is a unique experience, nowadays is dangerous due to COVID-19, and other restaurants in the Clarendon area, in Arlington VA, have implemented necessary regulation that at the same time can impact the experience of watching sports at a bar, moreover, large groups of 6 or more people are not allowed to sit together, and hostesses have often put the rest of the party in different table that can be far apart. Online Sports watching is the future that can solve many of these new issues. 



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