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Weekly Assignment 8

Three key shifts in the design industry that you need to know about

Musician, designer, artist, educator. Co-founder of Lemon Jelly and Airside, currently Professor of Interactive Digital Arts at University of the Arts London.

Shift from specialists to the multiskilled. Mutltiskilled practitioners have a basic understanding of a diverse selection of skills. This enables them to collaborate more easily with experts in those other fields.

The need for greater collaboration. Collaborative skills are crucial when we consider the second shift. Today’s projects are vastly more complex than before.

Closer ties between education and industry. The invitation to the students is to come together to imagine and then deliver ambitious cross-media projects that have a positive impact on the world.

Abstract illustration represents unbridled imagination

Example of editorial illustration

Becky Bolton and Louise Chappell, aka Good Wives and Warriors since 2007 for New Scientist Magazine

Intricate, design that truly illuminates and enhances the words rather than detracts from them.

Its unique abstract concept uses color and illustration,

Graphic Designer Portfolio Examples

1. Olly Gibbs


It’s the attention to detail within his portfolio that really makes his stand out.The sense of fun immediately showcases Olly’s personality. His choice of typography and lay-out makes it work aestheically and allows for easy navigation.

2. Hayk


This cleverly crafted portfolio has a lovely color scheme and an amazing scrolling experience. You can easily navigate around the portfolio and some of his work is incorporated through the portfolio. Overall I really enjoyed the unique illustrations and detailed information about the designer.

3. Adhemas Batista


Adhemas Batista’s portfolio reflects his passion for exploring vibrant and colorful concepts, all of which pop against a bright white backdrop.It immediately catches your attention and shows his work in an organized manner. His most important info is all placed on the fist page as well as each page within the portfolio. The main focus in this portfolio is his work.

Weekly Assignment 7

Woodson helps former players through t-shirts

Darren Woodson ended his 12-season NFL career, he is now helping former players in need through FanPrint.

FanPrint provides custom-made goods to the public, most notably creative t-shirts for which consumers can choose artwork that includes offerings by graphic designers worldwide. The company has the approval of NFL Players Inc., the marketing arm of the players’ union, and a portion of proceeds from sales of FanPrint merchandise goes to the Gene Upshaw Player Assistance Trust Fund.

“What is really awesome about it is all the designs are made by real fans for the fans,” he says. “From all over the world; a guy in Bangladesh who goes to the site and wants a specific design, we can do it.”


Facebook’s walls get a stunning illustrative facelift

Facebook muralFacebook muralFacebook mural

Illustrator Geo Law was recently commissioned by Facebook to complete a mural in their offices. The mural reflectthe team’s personality and company mantras as well as focusing on the social network’s partnerships with a wide range of apps. Its design elements focused on color line and shape and is a playful homage to the team ethos of the company.


How to Find Your First Job Article

I think that the most important point from the article is that it is extremely important to network with people so that you work is seen.  Showing teachers and attending any portfolio reviews organized by local professional design organizations is important to get criticism and make sure your portfolio has quality work. I also found it important to incorporate not only finished pieces but sketches and brainstorming steps. The last important point I got from the article was that there is a lot of research that goes into applying for positions. You must cater your interview and resume to fit the job description that you are applying for. Overall the article had many great tips.

Weekly Assignment 6

‘David Bowie Is’ and the rise of the superstar art exhibit

by Mark Guarino

This article discusses the popularity of the David Bowie is art exhibit art the Museum of contemporary art in Chicago. “David Bowie Is” is about the reinvention of the ­art-museum experience. The show is the latest, and perhaps the greatest, example of a blockbuster exhibition that banks on a household name from the music, fashion or film world to herd mass audiences through museum doors within a short time frame.

Miriam Basilio, a professor in the museum studies department at New York University, says blockbuster art shows became more prevalent during the recession.

“Art museums are looking at newer forms of media, like performance and avant garde music, because they are looking to reflect the art of our time. And mass entertainment is the art of our time,” she says.

Modern museum-inspired branding for consultancy firm

Argo branding

Argo brandingArgo branding

This example of graphic design is a brand identity created for the consultancy firm iArgo in Romania for its clients. It was created by Anagrama and features a branding identity inspired by modern museum-like sensations. It uses a simple color palette for the purpose of highlighting the brand’s main function, to discover new artwork.

Weekly Assignment 5

Typecase Industries creates new designs


This article is about type case Industries creating new designs using traditional methods such as using a letterpress machine. In a generation that is mostly web based it is great to see traditional methods being used again. They produce high quality designs that are appreciated more and take more time to make.


Delightful poster prints exhibit the art of the sandwich

The Art of Sandwiches

This poster series created by Australian based designers Jeremy and Gabrielle for art lovers. 

They focused on art movements that impacted the world in a very humorous nontraditional way.

The main design elements are color and texture.

Weekly Assignment 4

Obama watermelon-toothpaste controversy: Apologetic Boston Herald cartoonist says, ‘I detest’ racist humor By Michael Cavna

This article was about a potentially racist cartoon published in the Boston Harold by Jerry Holbert. The cartoon is is a satire about the recent Secret Service failures. It has Obama brushing his teeth with an intruder in the background taking a bath asking Obama if he has tried watermelon flavored toothpaste. The cartoon eventually was edited by Reed Jackson, associate editor at Universal Uclick to instead use raspberry flavored toothpaste. Holbert says that he did not mean for there to be racial subtext and that it was an innocent attempt at humor and was not aware of the perception that the cartoon gave off.

Supersized type stuns the Swedish public

3D type installation

Swedish agency Snask created this enormous graphic identity to help promote the Malmöfestivalen festival, Scandinavia’s largest city festival. They created the largest physical graphic identity the world has ever seen, a gigantic physical art installation measuring 13×8 meters, enabling the visitors to interact, climb and jump on it. The graphic focuses on typography color and texture. It was featured in hundreds of articles around the globe including AdWeek, Creative Review, HOW Design and many more.

Weekly Assignment 3

DC area Salvadorans, once stuck in menial jobs, now becoming business owners

This article is important because it shows the diversity that is new to the business world. More Hispanics are able to move from lower level jobs to becoming business owners. This means a more culturally diverse economic world. Graphic designers may soon be hired by a those belonging to a very different background and take a more ethnic turn.

Eminem’s Lyric Video

This lyric video was This Published on Sep 18, 2014 and created for artists Eminem and Sia. It was created for fans of the artists mentioned above. It focuses on typography throughout the entire video. The typography used manages to capture the emotion of the song while still being readable to the the viewer. This song is performed by Eminem who may be one of the fastest rappers and to create a lyric that is readable is indeed and shows emotion is a feat in itself.

Weekly Assignment 2

Eisenhower Memorial panel considers Gehry’s design after years of controversy


Controversy continues to follow famed architect Frank Grehry and his design for the Eisenhower memorial. Critics and Eisenhower’s family vocally protested the design due to it being so extravagant. It has been considered for years and it seems little is being done in order to move forward with the project. This just goes to show that no matter who you are there are people you just cannot please. Designers have a unique job where everyone must be happy especially in architecture and graphic design,


Quilled Paper Typography

This example of design was created for the general public and Designers looking to provide unique design. The designer Hambeck shows how he created the piece above using paper and handy work. This piece is effective because it is so different from regular typography.  The design relies on typography, line, and texture.

Weekly Assignment 1

Creative Branding Techniques Using Pantone Colors and Beer

Pantone beer

Pantone Beer

Created by Spanish creative agency Txaber, each type of beer is matched with its corresponding Pantone colour. This example of graphic design is extremely effective because its clever and focuses on color and typography alone. The design is very clean and simple. The project combines both packaging design with label design. The design was created for beer lovers especially designers familiar with Pantone colors.


Mexican American Chicano Street art Influences Again

Chicano art is once again influencing artists and their designs in East LA to Bordeaux. This articles main focus was the cultural exchange of art between two cities. It discussed a timeless style that arose through social conflict between Mexican Americans and racism in the US in the 1960’s.

Richard Antony “Cheech” Marin a an art collector better known as half of the Cheech & Chong comedy duo, and Mr. Valadez, is one of the foremost Chicano artists working today.

The show, called “No Movies,” is part of a citywide commemoration of the 50-year anniversary of Los Angeles and Bordeaux as sister cities. The full lineup of events, which started in June and will continue through Nov. 10, includes an independent film festival, concerts, urban art exhibitions and a photography show of the American West called “Road Trip.” The Center of Contemporary Visual Arts and other spaces are hosting works by Los Angeles artists like Aaron Curry and Mike Stilkey alongside local artists.