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Strengths that I obtain are, hardworking, unique, great multitasking skills, fun, loving, and passionate.


Weaknesses I poses are being too shy, working too hard, dyslexia, over confidence, and trusting others.


Opportunities I can take advantage of are being a minority, being female in a male dominated field, graduating college, living near the DC area, and being bilingual.


Threats to me are people with the same goals as me, and people who have more experience than me as well as better communication skills.

Career Goals

When I was younger I loved pretending to be a teacher all while doodling endlessly in my notebook. I wanted to teach people especially about art and all its wonders. Throughout my life the only things I found were important were my family, art, and love. Passion is what drove me everyday to where I am now. I’ve always been a hard worker even at times when I wasn’t trying to be. I am focused as well. When i put my mind to do something there is no doubt that I’ll get it done. Some things that I do not enjoy overall are bossy people and strict agenda’s. It all makes me feel constricted. I never want to be one of those people who hates going to work because they hate their job. I love graphic design and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. At times I forget there is anything else. In the future I want to be a well known graphic designer who brought new ideas and irreplaceable work. I would be working as head of a graphic design firm working with a great team. I just want to be happy doing the only thing I love to do which is Graphic Design. I want to be part of a graphic Design Agency and focus on branding. 


Personal Branding 101

My goal is to be a graphic designer for a successful design firm. I want to be strong designer that creates important work that cannot be duplicated. I want my brand to convey my individuality along with my hard work and love for design. I bring many new things to the table and my work is my life. I want to be what runs a company. I also want to be part of a strong creative team that always looks to endless possibilities. I want to be recognized for my tireless efforts and great design. I want to ensure those that work with me that I am accountable and truly the best.