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Design Brief


To create a logo for a new program at Marymount. The promotional branding campaign for the program, You’re a Saint, is an appreciation program that will allow students and staff to nominate Marymount employees. It must convey the Universities values and use the schools logos. The logo must be something that delivers a feeling of appreciation to those who receive it.  It must raise appreciation for those who go beyond what is expected.

Project Description:  

We are to create a logo that can be expanded on. It will be made into multiple print options, notepads, and web components.

Primary audiences: 

The Primary audiences are students, faculty and staff. This will be used to promote and knowledge  good deeds among those who are a apart of the Marymount community. I

Secondary Audience:

The secondary audience are those who visit Marymount and the Marymount website.

Tone and Image:  

The tone for this logo will be formal and intricate. I want those who see the logo to get a sense that it was created to show them that they are appreciated. I also want the logo to be clean bold so recipients are excited to show it.

Message: Features, Benefits and Values

The message is to all those of in the Marymount Community is that their efforts are appreciated and awarded. This will encourage everyone to be a good person and to continue being that good person.

Creative Direction:

The colors will reflect the colors of the Marymount community and tie in being a saint. The logo is inspired by 15th century religious design and customs.  There will be intricate mid-evil typography and celebratory images to ensure they understand how important they are to the University.

Budget and Schedule:

There is no budget and the project will be done throughout the semester.


Reviews will be done by Professor Erdeljon and The You’re A Saint Committee Bernadette and Geraldine.

Additional information: