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Business Cards and Letterheads

I chose this example because it is so clean and professional. I know that If I received something like this I would keep it because it looks so nice. The colors are bold, but the typography is delicate which gives a nice balance to it. I also like the metallic typography over the Matte paper.

This example stood out to me because it was so clever. You can clearly see the tress representing the forest and the keys of a piano which is also part of the name. It is very simple but memorable. There is no color and I find that trying to make something stand out without color is difficult sometimes. This logo does so easily with its clever composition.

Vanity Fair, 1918 | Source

This letter head example stood out to me because it was so fun and energetic. I would be a little hesitant to create something like that because it may seem to hectic and busy but this has great balance. It catches the eye very quickly as well. The image at the top itself is delicate with only a few bold lines and shapes and would not seem as though it would over power anything below it.

Blink Stationery

I chose this combination of letter head and business card because it had so much movement and a great color scheme. It looks very clean and sophisticated because it only uses the name of the company and a simple illustration.The typography is eye catching because it is large and bold against the simple white paper.