Weekly Assignment 8

Three key shifts in the design industry that you need to know about

Musician, designer, artist, educator. Co-founder of Lemon Jelly and Airside, currently Professor of Interactive Digital Arts at University of the Arts London.

Shift from specialists to the multiskilled. Mutltiskilled practitioners have a basic understanding of a diverse selection of skills. This enables them to collaborate more easily with experts in those other fields.

The need for greater collaboration. Collaborative skills are crucial when we consider the second shift. Today’s projects are vastly more complex than before.

Closer ties between education and industry. The invitation to the students is to come together to imagine and then deliver ambitious cross-media projects that have a positive impact on the world.


Abstract illustration represents unbridled imagination

Example of editorial illustration

Becky Bolton and Louise Chappell, aka Good Wives and Warriors since 2007 for New Scientist Magazine

Intricate, design that truly illuminates and enhances the words rather than detracts from them.

Its unique abstract concept uses color and illustration,