Weekly Assignment 7

Woodson helps former players through t-shirts

Darren Woodson ended his 12-season NFL career, he is now helping former players in need through FanPrint.

FanPrint provides custom-made goods to the public, most notably creative t-shirts for which consumers can choose artwork that includes offerings by graphic designers worldwide. The company has the approval of NFL Players Inc., the marketing arm of the players’ union, and a portion of proceeds from sales of FanPrint merchandise goes to the Gene Upshaw Player Assistance Trust Fund.

“What is really awesome about it is all the designs are made by real fans for the fans,” he says. “From all over the world; a guy in Bangladesh who goes to the site and wants a specific design, we can do it.”


Facebook’s walls get a stunning illustrative facelift

Facebook muralFacebook muralFacebook mural

Illustrator Geo Law was recently commissioned by Facebook to complete a mural in their offices. The mural reflectthe team’s personality and company mantras as well as focusing on the social network’s partnerships with a wide range of apps. Its design elements focused on color line and shape and is a playful homage to the team ethos of the company.