Graphic Designer Portfolio Examples

1. Olly Gibbs


It’s the attention to detail within his portfolio that really makes his stand out.The sense of fun immediately showcases Olly’s personality. His choice of typography and lay-out makes it work aestheically and allows for easy navigation.

2. Hayk


This cleverly crafted portfolio has a lovely color scheme and an amazing scrolling experience. You can easily navigate around the portfolio and some of his work is incorporated through the portfolio. Overall I really enjoyed the unique illustrations and detailed information about the designer.

3. Adhemas Batista


Adhemas Batista’s portfolio reflects his passion for exploring vibrant and colorful concepts, all of which pop against a bright white backdrop.It immediately catches your attention and shows his work in an organized manner. His most important info is all placed on the fist page as well as each page within the portfolio. The main focus in this portfolio is his work.