Finance Club: Looking Forward

If you only had an elevator ride, around 60 seconds to describe yourself or your organization, what would you say? How would you convince someone to respect you or join your club in that time?

Here is the Finance Club’s elevator speech:

The Finance Club at Marymount University helps to teach all students practical and professional applications to financial concepts. We’ve already conducted a stock stimulation where members have earned over $100,000 by investing fake money on real-life stocks. The club also has a semesterly game night where the whole campus is invited to eat food and play intellectually stimulating games with friends. Meetings are every month, free food is provided.

As a new club, the Finance Club still has a long path to establish a concrete legacy and memorable events. So far we’ve created a semesterly game night where we have pizza and soda and just play fun games like Monopoly, Apples to Apples, and Sorry.

But we have a lot of exciting events planned for the upcoming semesters. Here is the list:

  • Epic Rap Battle (Economics vs. Finance)
  • Speakers from the finance field (possibly alums)
  • Service projects (making food for homeless, donation drives)
  • Mock Shark Tank

To expand more on the last idea on the list, Mock Shark Tank draws directly from the show, Shark Tank where contestants propose business ideas to judges and ask for investment money. This event would encourage students to challenge their creativity and propose their own ideas to the Finance Club executive board, teachers, and even possibly business owners themselves. By giving students a platform to test their ideas, it may encourage them to pursue their ideas in the real world.

We are always welcome to more suggestions and ideas for events and lesson plans. At the beginning of each semester, we ask our members to brainstorm ideas and share what they would want to learn throughout the year. Based on a common consensus, during the spring of 2019, the Finance Club will host a tax workshop to help students fill out their tax forms.

If you have any ideas, feel free to contact the Finance Club at

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