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What is “interfaith dialogue”?

Image result for interfaith dialogueInterfaith dialogue, also called “interreligious dialogue,” aims to increase understanding among various religious groups, both to find common ground and to appreciate the richness of beliefs and practices throughout the world.

Interfaith dialogue is notably not intended as a conversion tool. It’s not about who’s right and who’s wrong, or even about agreeing with others of different religions. Interfaith dialogue is about understanding why members of other faiths believe what they do, so that we can both respect them and their beliefs, and engage meaningfully with them.

Why does interfaith dialogue matter?

Misunderstanding breeds fear, and fear breeds strife. Throughout human history, wars and violent conflicts have often stemmed from religious differences, including the Crusades, the Holocaust, and many others. Even today, society is plagued by all-to-frequent news of attacks on places of worship. The aim of interfaith dialogue is to help people of all faiths understand both what they share and how they differ.

How can I participate?

Our campaign is very simple: just tell us about yourself! What do you believe? What are your religious practices or traditions? What is the history of your faith? Share something about your faith via social media using #FaithsofMU, and let’s all learn about each other together.


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