Humanities Colloquium Events

Dr. Alok Yadav, George Mason University, Department of English, “How to Read an Eighteenth-Century Novel”
April 28, 2016

Bisson Lecture in the Humanities and Virginia Humanities Conference Keynote
Dr. Steven Lubar, Brown University
“The Curator Rules”
April 10, 2015

Department of Dr. John Muller, DC Public Library, Library Associate, Special Collections, “Mark Twain in Washington, D.C.”
January 29, 2014

Dr. Erin Eaker, University of Maryland, Department of Philosophy, “Discovering Essence in the Tree of Life”
November 13, 2013

Bisson Lecture in the Humanities
Dr. Julie Ellison,  University of Michigan, Professor of American Culture and English, “Naming the New Public Humanists”
April 26, 2013

Dr. Jason Rosenfeld, Co-Curator, Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Art & Design (NGA, Washington DC) and Chair of Art History (Marymount Manhattan), “Pre-Raphaelites and Global Pop Culture from the 1960s to the Present”
April 19, 2013

Student-Faculty Outing, Museum of American Art
Faculty-led tour on American Exceptionalism (Mullins, Trowbridge)
November 2012

Dr. Kelly Schrum, George Mason University, CHNM Director of Educational Projects, “History Education in an Digital World”
October 19, 2012

Student-Faculty Outing, Angelika Film Center
Director Q&A and Screening, Molly’s Theory of Relativity
October 2012

Bisson Lecture in the Humanities
Dr. Jesse Alemán, The University of New Mexico, “Wars of Rebellion: US Hispanic Writings and their American Civil Wars”
April 27, 2012

Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, The George Washington University, “Stone, Emotion and Art”
February 17, 2012

Dr. Arthur Wheelock, curator of Northern Baroque Painting at the National Gallery of Art
November 18, 2011

Faculty-Student Outing, Staunton Blackfriars Playhouse
October 2011

Dr. Teresa Kennedy, Department of English, University of Mary Washington
“The Performativity of History: Rhetoric and Decameron IV, i”

Bisson Lecture in the Humanities
Dr. Bonnie Wheeler, Department of English, Medieval Studies Program, Southern Methodist University. “Humiliation: Reputation Management in the Middle Ages”
April 2011

Dr. Alfred Acres, Georgetown University, “Cross, Style and Self in the Renaissance”

Dennis Pogue (Head of Restoration) and Nancy Hayward (Director of Programs), George Washington’s Mount Vernon:  “Mt. Vernon as a Cultural Resource and Career Opportunities in the Public Humanities”
Friday 10/15/10

Inaugural Bisson Lecture in the Humanities
Dr. Jo Ann H. Moran Cruz, Dean, College of Humanities and Natural Sciences, Loyola University, New Orleans. “Reading Dante between the Lines”
April 2010

Andrea Eastman-Mullins & Timothy Lloyd, Alexander Street Press, “Careers in Electronic Publishing for Humanities Graduates: a look at Alexander Street Press.”

Inaugural Humanities Colloquium Event
Dr. Mark Trowbridge, Professor of Art History, Marymount University
“Envisioning Jerusalem in Bruges: Theater, Art & Devotion in the Late-Middle Ages”