Newly Designed Class- Global Literary Voices II!!

The Literature and Languages department is eagerly waiting for Dr. Sara Hallisey’s course, EN204- Global Literary Voices II, to start in Spring 2021! 


This specific course is a one-time design as an introduction to postcolonial literature and film. Students will begin an exploration of the effects of imperialism and colonialism with narrative literary voices–authors may include: Zakes Mda, Joseph Conrad, Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Tsitsi Dangarembga, and Kiran Desai. Films may include: My Beautiful Laundrette, Dirty, Pretty Things, Miss India Georgia, Apocalypse Now, and The Murder of Stephen Lawrence. Dr. Hallisey encourages all students to determine for themselves whether there is, in fact, a “post” in the phrase post-colonialism at all. This course is an excellent opportunity to admire the strategy of resistance to colonialism and the negotiation of national identities at the intersection of the local and global levels. This course asks us many questions: where does authenticity lie in narrative, and does it matter? Additionally, students will find that there are concepts of hybridity and gender rooted in the formation of colonial and postcolonial identities. Human differences in terms of race and gender as they are deployed within colonized cultures, propose the question: why are those factors so crucial to colonies? Yet we know culture will evolve as the voices around the globe speak louder. After completing this course, you will have an idea of how postcoloniality is represented and interrogated in texts. Indeed, you will also be able to recognize postcoloniality within non-traditional literature as well. The only requirement you need to secure a seat in this LT1 is the core course, EN102! 

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