Students Meet Don DeLillo

As part of the Library of Congress National Book Festival, author Don DeLillo visited Washington D.C. DeLillo is one of America’s most acclaimed writers. The author of 15 books, including Mao IIUnderworld and White Noise, DeLillo has won countless awards, including the National Book Award. As part of the book festival, DeLillo became the first recipient of the Library of Congress Prize for American Fiction.

Before being awarded with the Prize for American Fiction on Saturday, September 21st, DeLillo met with an intimate group of local undergraduate and graduate students to discuss his work on Friday the 20th. Marymount was fortunate to have 5 students included in the event, including two graduate students, Maria Carmela Sioco and Amy Flessert, as well as three undergraduate students, Amanda Bourne, Melany Su, and Ariel McManus.

During the sit-down, DeLillo discussed his life as a writer, including how his career began, noting that he did not initially see himself as a writer; rather, he drifted around for several years after college before beginning his first novel. The students were also able to ask questions, which gave insight into many diverse topics such as his use of Asian religions in his writing. DeLillo also elicited laughs when he mentioned that when he spends time with his writer friends, they do not discuss their books! DeLillo divulged that he continues to write, and is working on a novel now.

The Marymount students were thrilled with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet DeLillo, and attendee Amy Flessert said, “[i]t was an unforgettable opportunity to meet a fantastic author.”

From left to right, Ariel McManus, Amanda Bourne,
Maria Sioco, Amy Flessert, Melany Su. Photo by Ariel McManus.



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