Original Play by Alumnae Accepted to D.C. Fringe Theater Festival

"The Hair Chronicles"

Jaymi Thomas, Mary Nyingi, Marguerite RIppy, Michelle Whittaker, and Nileah Bell

“The Hair Chronicles” is a one act play written by Marymount University MA Literature and Humanities alumnae Nileah Bell, Michelle Whittaker, and Mary Nyingi. The play began as a project for Dr. Rippy’s graduate level course, Social Upheaval in Drama, and has flourished into a well-received production with stage readings at D.C.-area venues like the popular Busboys and Poets.

“The Hair Chronicles” was performed at Busboys and Poets in Shirlington, VA, on January 22, 2012, with current MA in Literature student Jaymi Thomas reading the stage directions. The reading was a success, with an audience of over 60 people engaged in laughter and inspiring questions following the production.

“The Hair Chronicles” details the life of three young women and their struggle with hair, revealing that hair is much more than hair. In fact, it serves as a unifying element of culture. Women, young and old, regardless of race, color or ethnicity struggle day to day with concerns over their hair. Nileah, Michelle, and Mary wrote their play with humor, seriousness, and relatable humanity to show that hair crosses lines of identity and friendship that still exist in society today between women. The play was accepted to be performed at the D.C. Fringe Festival this summer, and there will be a reading at Marymount University’s campus for English Night. Look for details coming soon.

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