Reading Response Week 2

Prompt: Reflect on the characters at the end of the Julius Caesar (try to focus on Antony, Cassius, Brutus, even Caesar). How do the final scenes show them in a different light than opening scenes? Did this change what you thought about them at the beginning of the play.  

The final scenes of Julius Caesar were shocking because I did not expect Cassius or Brutus to both kill themselves. I also did not think so many others would die by suicide as well and all doing it in honor for their friends who died. I liked Caesar in the first scene because I thought he was a great and fair leader for Rome because he respected Rome’s wishes as a Republic. He even denied the crown that Antony offered him three times. However, as the play continued, Caesar became very conceited and arrogant. He was warned several times of his impending death before it happened, but he did not listen to the people who loved him most. Cassius was quite conniving and evil from the start for convincing Caesar’s friend Brutus that Caesar was not good for Rome and really planned his murder. However, in scenes 4 and 5 he proved to be a loyal friend to Brutus and Titinius, even commits suicide because he thought he was the reason for Titinius’ death. He felt no sympathy for Caesar’s death, whereas Brutus did feel guilty for Caesar’s death, which is why Caesar’s spirit kept visiting him. Ultimately, Brutus ran into Strato’s sword because he could not continue to bare the agony and pain of Caesar’s assassination on him any longer. Antony was truly the only person Caesar could trust and he was a true friend. He spoke at his funeral and he turned the people against the conspirators. Ultimately, his speech led him into a position of power in Rome where people respected him. He did not take all the power he shared it with Octavius and Lepidus, which is what Caesar would have wanted to happen if he had lived.  

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  1. I agree that I saw Caesar as a good person because he is a good leader. He also didn’t seem as ambitious because he didn’t take the crown but then like you said he doesn’t listen to his wife and if he did he maybe wouldn’t have been murdered.

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