Noble mind, the very beauty of human nature

Fanny Price had been instilled with the idea by his aunt Mansfield Park that she was nobody to the family and even to the world. However, Fanny was a tough and persistent girl to secure her vulnerable dignity with the noble thinking to live a meaningful life and ready to help others.

When her elder cousin Tom Bertram asked her out for company, Fanny was so self-humbled that she said “Everything. My situation, my foolishness and awkwardness” was preventing her from going out and having fun as she liked (p.18, para. 7), given her dilemma in which she had lost all the hopes to move on. Fanny tended to rate herself as a tough girl with the ability and tenacity to deal with all the bad days in her life journey, but sometimes, she also felt she needed a break from the pathetic life by chewing over the bitterness and getting her fragility exposed in public. At this sight, the good-hearted boy did not laugh at the seemingly weak and cowardliness of this poor girl; instead, he cheered her up by saying that she was a good girl, and in his eyes, even her clumsiness in movements was “adorable.”

Having lived in a family with mean parents, Tom Bertram knew deep down in his heart that how it felt to stay alone and how helpless he was to turn the table, because he simply could not escape this family, just like her poor little cousin Fanny, a girl in a foster family. To some degree, it was the similar perception of adult’s society and the cruel human world that made them converge in mentality, in spite of the appearance of people, good or bad.

As a boy haunted by loneliness and sentimentality, he tried all he could to remove the dark shadow over her. For instance, as to the vital importance of Fanny, he said “There is no reason in the world why you should not be important where you are known” (p.18. Para.25), in a bid to tide her through the darkness physically and mentally and make her on her feet. At this point, I saw two individuals bravely and optimistically deal with the mess in the life who were fighters for the light at the end of the tunnel. Although they might at time complaint about how a miserable life they were living, and how much the adults disliked them, they had never lost the humor to lighten their dark days and the courage to give a big smile to get each other’s back.

Also, they genuinely understood the vulnerability of human nature with an open mind, and it was this vulnerability spot that offered Fanny and her male cousin the perfect excuse to give vent to their unluckiness and setbacks encountered. I think, people’s noble mind is the very beauty of human nature.

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  1. This is true. With the type of narration for this piece, readers definitely sympathize with Fanny. She endured many obstacles and difficult circumstances, but when reading the introduction I came to learn that this character is least favorable with readers.

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